‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Scandal: Frankie Grande Addresses Rumors Show Is Scripted After Live Feeds Reveal Fake Scene [Video]

Fans of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother took to social media before Friday’s live finale, claiming the reality show is not truly real and that production has scripted the housemates’ actions. These accusations stemmed from a live feed video that appears to show the houseguests taking part in a staged scene, according to the Metro.

The Independent reports Frankie Grande, who earned sixth place in the game, addressed the Celebrity Big Brother 18 controversy, saying the drama was real.

The video in question, which has been plastered all over social media, showed the cast members climbing into bed the night before the finale, as if they were all ready for slumber. Sharing good nights with each other Walton’s style, the houseguests could be seen on live feeds via the night vision cameras closing their eyes until in silence, one cast member faked passing unnaturally loud gas. The house mates laughed, and yet another jokester tried recreating the offending noise.


According to the Metro, only a few seconds later the lights suddenly came on and the houseguests jumped out of bed as though they had never intended to sleep. As they walked about the bedroom, U.K. actor Ricky Norwood said to the others, “Great take guys, great take.”

Big Brother is then heard through the house speakers talking to the cast mates, saying:

“So housemates, just listen to Big Brother again… Big Brother will just say to you that tomorrow is a really, really big day for all of you. It’s going to start quite early and end very late at night. So what Big Brother would like to suggest is you all wash your teeth… wash… your bodies… and then call it a night.”

As noted by the Metro, the audio feed was quickly cut off in exchange for bird sounds, which is routinely used in the U.K. to cover audio found objectionable by Big Brother’s production team.

Social media went wild after fans fumed over the live feed drama, with most viewers expressing disappointment and disbelief regarding the popular U.K. reality show.

This prompted at least one former houseguest to take to his Twitter page to defend Big Brother, arguing staging sometimes takes place just before the finale, so the footage can be part of the last recorded show, the Metro reports.

Frankie, one of the three Americans in the Celebrity Big Brother house this season was questioned about the controversy following his exit from the game.

According to the Independent, Frankie said the following.

“Well, I mean, Big Brother is a show that is based in reality. I haven’t seen what you guys are talking about so I can’t really answer that specifically.”

He added that although the show is a real television program, it is a television program nonetheless. Frankie, the older brother of pop singer Ariana Grande, denied, however, that house mates were told what to do or how to act, except for when cast members needed to sit in a certain place or take part in a particular task. He stated all of the drama on the series is very real.

As an example, Frankie made sure to mention the night that fellow houseguest Stephen Bear (the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 18) violently threw a bottle and broke a mirror in the Celebrity Big Brother house, noting it affected him “deeply.” Frankie stated he had left the U.S. for the U.K. not long after the Orlando gay club shootings, so Bear’s act gave him “anxiety,” as the shattered glass looked like bullet holes.

According to the Independent, Big Brother has spoken out about the live feed footage scandal, stating the video in question simply showed Big Brother “alerting housemates of a long final day ahead. The show is entirely authentic and the housemates are not scripted.”

[Image via Channel 5]

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