See Beyonce VMA Performance Tonight On MTV

A Beyonce VMA performance is all set for tonight on MTV. The exciting news that “Bey Bey” will sing on the awards show Sunday night was only just announced.

The MTV Video Music Awards – VMA for short – have made headlines and created new sensations for more than 30 years now. Beyonce and the VMAs go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

While the news only just broke, Beyonce has actually been preparing for the show for almost a month now, according to a report in Billboard.

And The Los Angeles Times has reported that, “Beyonce has been in top-secret rehearsals” at Madison Square Garden in New York for her VMA performance.

Both the singer and MTV have been posting pics proudly announcing the Beyonce VMA performance all over social media.

So the big question that everyone is asking now is “what song will Beyonce perform at the VMA Show tonight?” People are also asking, “what will Beyonce wear for her VMA performance?” And another important questions is, “will Beyonce do a duet with any of the other singer whom are set to perform at this year’s MTV VMA show?”

Ms. Knowles will certainly be singing something from her latest album Lemonade. Hot stars like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas, Ty Dolla and Future are also set to give VMA performances.

Ariana Grande will join with Nicki Minaj to perform the song “Side by Side.” Grande posted the following to Instagram on Saturday to promote her performance saying, “Get ready for my performance at the Video Music Awards Tomorrow!!!!!!”

So tonight, in addition to the Beyonce VMA appearance, there will not just be a competition between the official nominees, but also a competition between the live performers. Who will wear the most outrageous and/or revealing outfit? Whose performance will be the best? Who will people be talking the most about the day after the show and who will get the most Google searches and the highest increase in their social media traffic?

Regardless, one thing is undeniable. MTV sure knows how to put on a show and the annual Video Music Awards are always a big hit with fans and critics alike. Just think about what Lady Gaga wore over the years. And how about Brittney Spears? Remember when she kissed Madonna, performed with a huge snake and that time that she looked like she had taken a sedative as she meandered around the stage while singing?

But a Beyonce VMA performance, as will all stars who appear on the show, is probably more about her getting exposure in order to increase the siren’s Twitter and Instagram traffic. At least this is what most cynics usually say about the MTV VMA show: it’s more about the celebs showing off and getting free publicity than about the music.

Whatever you may think or feel, however, it is undeniable that pictures of Beyonce’s performance, and all the rest of those who appear at the VMAs tonight, will be plastered all over social media and the Internet for weeks to come.
An increase in Instagram or Twitter traffic can mean a lot of extra money in the pockets of celebrities. Many are paid to promote products through their social media accounts.

Beyonce Knowles, like most current pop stars, probably owes a great part of her success to MTV. The cable channel has helped launch countless careers going back long before the Internet era.

It is customary for a nominee to perform on the annual show, just like at the Grammys. Eleven nominations wait for Beyonce tonight and she is certain to take home a few.

A Beyonce VMA Show performance is certain to be a ratings boon for MTV. The Goddess of Hip Hop is possibly the most popular woman in the world today.

The VMA Show will air tonight, Sunday, August 28, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on MTV. And again and again and again for weeks to come, so there will be no excuses for missing it. And plenty of people will be watching it multiple times.

So will you be watching the Beyonce VMA performance tonight? Of course you will and so will everyone who reads this entire article to the end.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Photo]

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