Bad News For Romo Is That He’s Too Old To Play The Game Anymore

So what’s the bad news for Romo since he severely injured his lower back recently? It could be that he won’t be getting back on the field, no matter how much he loves the game.

As opposed to that bad news for Romo, the good news would be that he had a good run. Perhaps, thanks to him convincing himself that he could play the game for as long as he wanted to, he had a good career.

That’s a big risk, as the bad news for Romo is that he has a fractured backbone or rather, he broke his back, according to the New York Times.

According to the report, when coach Garrett was asked by the press if Tony Romo would be playing again, he said that he would but did not offer a time table.

Tony Romo might love the game, but the game doesn’t love him anymore. [Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty images]
That’s a good way to hold them at bay. The bad news for Romo is that it looks like he’s going to be in recovery for up to 10 weeks!

Of course, this is football where men are “men” and their machismo will never let them admit that they might need to “pack it in” at some point. At 36, he’s running, hitting and getting slammed too hard to make this game worth it for him anymore.

While there’s a debate as to whether the news could have turned out worse if he had been paralyzed. So it wouldn’t be such bad news for Romo to sit it out for the rest of his life and get a nice cozy gig at the ESPN Sports Center in a suit and tie.

There’s nothing wrong with that!

Tony Romo says “hi” to a fan on his way to the field. [Image by Randy Rodgers via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0]
So this isn’t such bad news for Romo. But if he refuses to see the limitations of his age, then he’s probably suffered too many cerebral hits on his body and the doctors might want to conduct a cat-scan to see if there’s some damage upstairs.

In that case, the bad news for Tony Romo is that he’s become delusional in thinking he can keep at it. Because after suffering this new and rather drastic back injury, who would want to go through risking becoming a vegetable with an even worse injury?

That fall looked extremely painful, but clearly that wasn’t enough for him to admit it was as bad, as he said he was “fine” right after it happened.

Even though he was able to walk off the field, the bad news is if he risks another one of these runs, Romo probably won’t be walking off the field next time.

Look, he’s already missed a lot of games for a shoulder injury and it isn’t as if the coach wasn’t already wondering if he was too old to play the game anymore. Clearly, he wants to let him play, but Romo had his moments and plenty of them. Really, the real bad news for him is that while he’s recovering, he’s going to be haunted by the idea that he’s going to need to retire.

Tony Romo, this is the defining moment in your career where you use some commonsense and start talking about a contract with ESPN, to throw the ball around with some of the other senior athletes over there.

Just before putting this issue to rest, why would anyone think — as apparently some did — that the injury he sustained was not serious? Just take a look at that fall again and anyone can see he was in terrible pain.

It wasn’t long before Romo was replaced with Dak Prescott, whose fill-in is already being considered as a new “era” for the Cowboys. So the bad news for Romo in this case is that his “era” is over and he’ll be watching Dak from his bed while he recovers, watching the Cowboys have a better chance at winning some games.

[Photo by Elaine Thompson/AP Photo]

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