Madonna Praised By Chelsea Handler At ‘Truth Or Dare’ Screening

Chelsea Handler has never been a huge Madonna fan, although both stars have a lot in common. According to the Howard Stern website, Handler even admitted she attended Madonna’s Oscar party despite not liking her much.

“Chelsea also discussed how she’d recently attended Madonna’s very exclusive Oscar party though she insisted she didn’t care about Madonna. But, since all of her friends were going and she knew there would be no photographers in attendance — a major bonus for a party like this — she decided to show up.”

Chelsea has constantly dissed Madonna on her show Chelsea Lately.

Many were wondering why Chelsea was chosen to interview Alek Keshishian after the film, especially because of her previous statements about the Queen of Pop. However, according to Extra TV, Chelsea says he has a new appreciation of the pop icon.

Chelsea Handler sees herself in Madonna. [Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]
“We all can judge celebrities for acting like celebrities… I have thoughts about Madonna, like, ‘Ugh, she’s so ridiculous!’ but she’s not ridiculous… I see a lot of myself in [Madonna]… I think that when we see ourselves in other people, maybe we reject them a little bit, and I definitely had that feeling, like, ‘Oh, she’s too loud! She’s too obnoxious!’ That’s my sh*t, that’s what I’m dealing with,” Handler is quoted as saying.

The article adds that Handler said she would also cut off her legs to have Madonna’s arms. The audience seemed to eat it up and held no anger over Handler’s previous attitude towards Madonna, who made a surprise appearance at the screening of Truth or Dare at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on August 24. Billboard has the news.

“Some 400 guests were caught off guard when the pop legend, wearing a red off-the-shoulder red dress, turned up unannounced and mingled with fans. MOMA’s special anniversary event included a conversation with the film’s director Alek Keshishian, Blonde Ambition Tour choreographer Vincent Paterson, and dancers Jose Gutierez and Salim Gauwloos.”

Twitter went nuts when Madonna showed up.

Madonna’s Truth or Dare was a very controversial documentary film that was released in 1991. However, it has aged well and has been praised for having a huge influence on the gay rights movement. The film came out at a time when the LGBT community (especially gay men) were marginalized in a way that has rarely been seen in the United States due to the AIDS crisis and the influence of right wing extremists.

According to Attitude, one of the dancers who talked about kissing another man in the film, Salim Gauwloos, has said that the kiss inspired many.

“This was 1990. The stuff we did at the time, it wasn’t cool at the time, but now it is cool…Like, me kissing the guys. I still get letters about that! Now everyone is kissing, but at the time people didn’t think it was cool. We were just being ourselves. But it inspired a lot of people just to be yourself, and express yourself,” Salim said before noting that he didn’t realize what an impact it would have throughout the world.

Madonna herself is a little embarrassed about some of her antics in the film.

“I’m afraid to watch it. I just think I’m a horrible brat, that’s what I’m afraid of,” she said to Andy Cohen in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Perhaps Madonna got over her embarrassment. After all, she even attended the recent screening with her daughter, Lourdes. There is no word on what Lourdes thought of Madonna’s film, but she was reportedly full of smiles after the film ended.

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