Kenneth Adkins: Anti-Gay Pastor Who Said Orlando Terror Victims ‘Got What They Deserved’ Arrested For Child Molestation[Video]

Anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins has long been a controversial fixture in the Jacksonville area of Georgia. He rose to national notoriety following the horrific Pulse nightclub terror attack in Orlando; that was when the openly anti-gay Christian pastor said that LGBT victims of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history “got what they deserved.” Now, it appears that anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins is facing some serious charges of his own. Reportedly, Adkins turned himself over to Glynn County authorities on Friday to face up to two counts of child molestation.

Reportedly, anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins is facing aggravated child molestation and child molestation charges and is being held without bail at the Glynn County Jail. As Jacksonville News reports, the charges against the pastor have been levied by a young male who was once a member of the notoriously anti-gay and outspoken pastor’s congregation.

The irony of an anti-gay male pastor facing child molestation charges for allegedly inappropriately touching a young boy is not lost on many.

According to investigators and prosecutors involved in the case against the anti-gay pastor, Kenneth Adkins was investigated for suspected molestation of a young male that took place over a period of time and at several different locations. Reportedly, those locations include the alleged victim’s home and Pastor Adkins’ own church.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have reportedly been working together to build a case against the pastor. According to reports, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations came to the assistance of the Brunswick Police Department back on August 12. That was when District Attorney Jackie Johnson asked for the bureau’s help in handling the heart-breaking, complicated case of alleged child molestation that was built against 56-year-old Kenneth Adkins.

While details about the alleged victim and molestation itself are being kept quiet (as is appropriate in a child molestation case), local media has learned that the child molestation allegedly committed by anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins may have happened in 2010. Also, due to the nature of the charges that have been filed against Kenneth Adkins, his alleged victim would have had to have been younger than 16 years of age.

Despite the severity of the charges that have been filed against Kenneth Adkins and the prosecution’s apparent belief in the strength of their case, the anti-gay pastor’s wife, Stormy, has come out as an outspoken advocate of her husband. She has publicly proclaimed her confidence in her husband’s innocence.

“We are disappointed with what appears to be a rush to judgment by law enforcement authorities in this case. We are confident that Kenneth Adkins will be found innocent of all charges.”

According to the wife of anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins, she and her husband are familiar with the alleged victim in the child molestation case, and she cited the alleged victim’s mental health problems, calling him “deeply troubled.”

“This young man was part of our teen ministry. Ken and I have treated him like family, as has our church. He is a deeply troubled young man, to be sure, but our thoughts and prayers remain with him even now.”

Kenneth Adkins has been a controversial local figure for years, and has a history of using his social media accounts to insult politicians and the LGBT community. He has famously jumped into the fight against providing anti-discrimination protection to local members of the LGBT community. The reason? According to the anti-gay pastor, “expanding the law would make it easier for sexual predators to find victims in bathrooms.”

Anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins’ Twitter account is currently visible only to “confirmed followers.” It is unclear whether or not this is a recent change.

Attorney Kevin Gough has reportedly been hired to represent Kenneth Adkins against the criminal child molestation charges that have been filed against him. According to Gough, the “unfounded” molestation charges that have been levied against the anti-gay pastor could be “politically motivated.”

“Given his past very vocal positions on issues, it’s a concern.”

Reportedly, since he was charged, anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins has taken a voluntary, unpaid leave of absence from his pastoral duties. He will continue to be held without bail at least through the weekend, but his attorney believes that a bail hearing may come in the case as soon as Monday.

“He looks forward to having his day in court.”

Anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins isn’t expected to have a preliminary hearing on the serious criminal molestation case built against him until September 9.

[Image via Glynn County Jail]

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