Sarah Jessica Parker On Her New Fragrance: ‘I Don’t Limit Myself’

Sarah Jessica Parker has used her iconic look to make a name for herself, most notably as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and she may do the same thing, rebranding herself as Frances in HBO’s upcoming Divorce. In the meantime, Sarah may become even more recognizable for her scent than her face. The Sex and the City star reveals a passion for fragrances, talking about her collection of perfumes as others might talk about a shoe collection or a DVD library. In fact, as Ms. Parker shares her love for fragrances, she talks as one with a genuine addiction.

Divorce Actress Sarah Jessica Parker Is A True Fragrance Aficionado

In talking with Vogue, Sarah Jessica Parker reveals that she has a true passion for fragrances, and where many women feel similarly about make-up and beauty products, the Divorce actress is more devoted to smelling good. She says she is never found without a supply of perfumes and certainly never goes anyplace without first applying a spritz.

“I wear fragrance all. Day. Long.” Ms. Parker says with her usual exuberance. “It’s probably the area in which I’m most egregious in my total decadence. I don’t limit myself.”

Collecting the latest scents isn’t just a hobby for Parker. A few years ago, she turned her passion to profit, creating her own line of women’s scents. Sarah started her line of fragrances with Lovely, a product that combines the scents of lavender, amber, and orchid in a perfect blend. Next up, Ms. Parker has added something new, revealing that Stash SJP, her latest masterpiece, has taken nearly a decade to perfect. Vogue describes the new scent as “a smoky vetiver- and musk-spiked unisex blend” and Parker herself reveals that the perfume combines the best qualities of patchouli, black pepper, and ginger lily.

“It’s on everything: my coats, my hats, my horrible winter parka gets its own force field of it,” Sarah says of Stash SJP.

EpiPen Price Hike Leaves Sarah Jessica Parker Feeling “Disappointed, Saddened and Deeply Concerned”

Ms. Parker also shares via People magazine that she has ended her relationship with Mylan, specifically over their recent price hike of the EpiPen, a popular allergy injector. The Divorce actress shared that her son, James Wilkie, requires the product to control his allergic reactions. She spoke publicly of the great need many families have for this type of produce, stating that the Mylan product is a “vital part” of her family’s healthcare. Sarah added that many other families also rely on the availability of the EpiPen, sharing the idea that the 400 percent increase in cost limits many households from obtaining the treatment device.

“I’m left disappointed, saddened and deeply concerned by Mylan’s actions,” 51-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday. “I do not condone this decision and I have ended my relationship with Mylan as a direct result of it.”

The EpiPen uses epinephrine to treat allergic reactions to peanuts, bee stings, and more under emergency conditions, making it a necessity for many people. When Mylan first introduced the EpiPen in 2007, it was marketed at just $57. Since that time, Mylan has regularly increased the cost with the biggest increase, a 32 percent spike, taking place between 2014 and 2015.

In the past, Ms. Parker was featured in an ad campaign for the EpiPen with a “Anaphylaxis For Reel” theme. The campaign was aimed at allergy sufferers, assuring them that they could feel a sense of security in knowing that the EpiPen could subdue a sudden allergic reaction. In direct conflict with the price hikes, the ad campaign was aimed at making treatment available to millions of people.

“I hope they will seriously consider the outpouring of voices of those millions of people who are dependent on the device, and take swift action to lower the cost to be more affordable for whom it is a life-saving necessity,” Parker added in her statement.

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