Kylie Jenner And Tyga Kiss On Private Jet Getaway, No Sign Of Kylie’s Boob Job But Her Diamond Ring Is Still Huge

There’s no place like a private luxury jet for a little “eskimo kiss” and snuggle with your boyfriend or fiance. According to Hollywood Life,Kylie Jenner and Tyga “cuddled up and shared a sweet kiss” when they took a “last minute adventure” trip together to Las Vegas on Saturday, August 27, fueling the ongoing rumors that Kylie and Tyga are engaged. Kylie is seen still wearing the massive diamond that the rapper gave her a couple of weeks ago.

The two headed off to Vegas for Tyga’s show at Drai’s Nightclub, and they are so into family mode that they took Tyga’s son King Cairo. That makes it sort of multi-layered family event since Blac Chyna, King Cario’s mother, is engaged to Rob Kardashian, Kylie’s big brother, and expecting a baby with the only Kardashian son.

Kylie didn’t share a mirror selfie this time around but was on her usual social media game and shared a pic of the kiss with her fans on Snapchat and Instagram. She looks “airplane chic” in her “grey crewneck sweatshirt, matching sweatpants and maroon high-top Converse sneakers” as the two young lovers cuddle up together with Kylie on Tyga’s lap.

One thing that’s quite noticeable is the big change in Kylie’s breasts since the viral pic she shared that started everyone thinking the youngest Jenner had gotten a boob job. In the kissing Tyga pic, Kylie looks more like her old self. She said that she didn’t have breast surgery and that her boobs just looked big because of the time of month when the pics were taken!

“TMI but it’s that time of the month lol. They will deflate soon. And it will be a sad sad day.”

Twitter is loving the cuteness of the KUWTK couple. One Twitter user said that Kylie and Tyga together melt her heart.

E! News reports that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her rapper boyfriend probably meant to get a babysitter for King Cairo and have Jenner accompany her beau to his gig that night, but it turned out she couldn’t get in. That’s right, Tyga, age 26, was performing in a club that has strict rules about age, and at only 19 years old, Kylie didn’t qualify for entry to the over-21 venue.

That little age glitch gave Auntie Kylie a chance to get to know Tyga’s son a bit better though. She stayed in the hotel room, cosied up in comfy sweats, while Tyga “rocked the stage” and with Blac’s little boy missing his mom and dad, Kylie might have taken the opportunity to do some bonding with the child that will soon be Rob’s stepson as well as Kylie’s boyfriend’s son. It turned out to be a ” room service and movie kind of night” for Jenner instead of a party night, but she didn’t seem to mind. If the engagement rumors about Tyga and Kylie turn out to be true, Cairo will be Kylie’s stepson too, so she probably wants to make sure the little tike knows her well.

Before setting out on her Sin City travels with Tyga, Kylie was so excited that she posted a pic of some of her preparations for the trip. US magazine reports that “makeup maven” Jenner arranged a “red Gucci weekend bag and two purses” by her front door, and captioned the photo, “Last minute adventures” to hint to her fans that her weekend plans were heating up.

Tyga reached out to fans as well, and shared a bunch of pics of his toddler son, some on the plane and some at the hotel. With Kylie and Tyga looking so into each other and showing so much PDA, and the time they are spending with Tyga’s son as if they are already a family, it’s looking more and more like that diamond ring really is an engagement ring. Now all we need is another Kylie mirror selfie with Tyga in the picture too.

What do you think? Was this Las Vegas trip planned so that Kylie and King Cairo could work on their mom and son relationship?

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Huffington Post]

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