Charlie Hunnam Calls Out ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter — Is He The Next Person He Wants To ‘F*****g Fight’?

Charlie Hunnam just called out Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter on Twitter.

Is Sutter next on Hunnam’s list of people he wants to “F*****g Fight?”

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like Hunnam and Sutter are going to come to blows anytime soon. Instead, the former Sons of Anarchy star challenged Sutter to do 22 push-ups to raise awareness about veterans who commit suicide.

Luckily for Sutter, he agreed to Hunnam’s challenge, with one small stipulation.

“So the rare time you use social media, you call out an old man,” Sutter wrote back. “Does it have to be 22 consecutive push-ups? I’m in.”

According to We Got This Covered, Hunnam is coming off his work on Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, where he admitted the audition process got a little heated.

Apparently, Hunnam completely lost his cool after Ritchie started badgering him about his fitness regime.

“I said, ‘You know what? F*****g stop the camera. I’m starting to lose my temper,'” Hunnam revealed.

He then told Ritchie that he was willing to fight anyone for the part.

“‘I know those other pricks you’ve got reading for this role [namely Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender]. If you bring them in right now, I’ll f*****g fight them both at once for the role, and we’ll see what’s up with the physicality.’ Guy said, ‘F*****g hell, alright – calm down, mate,'” Hunnam explained.

Of course, Hunnam eventually landed the part of King Arthur, which Express reports is a completely reinvented version of the legendary character.

Charlie Hunnam in ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ [Image via Warner Bros.]
In fact, Hunnam shared that Ritchie’s version of Arthur strays far from the usual noble hero.

“We wanted to make an ignoble Arthur, at least at first,” Hunnam said. “We wanted him to feel contemporary, selfish, somewhat rough around the edges.”

Apart from a different version of Arthur, Charlie Hunnam also revealed that Ritchie created a rich fantasy world for the story.

“I describe it to my friends as Lord of the Rings meets Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels,” Hunnam stated. “[It’s] an unlikely marriage of two things, but it works.”

Fans can watch Hunnam in action when King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Hunnam just landed a spot on Drake Doremus’ upcoming movie, starring opposite Lea Seydoux.

Details about the movie are slim, though Hunnam and Seydoux will be playing romantic interests with “a unique love story.”

Doremus is known for his work on Like Crazy and Equals, which starred Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult.

At the same time, Hunnam is also starring in The Lost City of Z with Twilight star Robert Pattinson. The film is scheduled to premiere in theaters at the end of October.

While Hunnam is doing well after his days on Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy, Parent Herald is reporting that a script for the Sons of Anarchy prequel may have been leaked.

The alleged script describes the show’s main antagonist, John Teller, as “tall, strong, long hair” and proceeds to narrate the opening sequence.

Charlie Hunnam and the cast of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ [Image via FX]
“He gives an uncomfortable nod to the camera. Fires up the bike,” the script explains. “As he rides away we see the back of his sleeveless leather jacket, blue letters on a white background – upper rocker reads: Sons of Anarchy, lower rocker reads: Redwood. In the center, the Anarchist logo skull, with two M-16 Crossbones.”

The script then mentions a young Clay Morrow and Piney Winston fall in behind Teller with six other bikers.

“The original nine,” the script continues. “They disappear down the highway. The history begins.”

Sutter has yet to confirm the reports that FX has greenlit the prequel.

Tell us! Do you want to see Charlie Hunnam make an appearance in a Sons of Anarchy prequel? Let us know in the comments and check him out in the preview for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword below.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SiriusXM]

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