Kris Jenner Ruined Caitlyn Jenner’s Life, Says Jenner’s Ex

Linda Thompson’s new book, A Little Thing Called Life, has resulted in a few secrets coming forth about some well-known figures such as Elvis Presley, Lisa-Marie Presley and Caitlyn Jenner. Thompson divorced Jenner, then known as Bruce Jenner, in 1985. The former couple had two sons together, Brody and Brandon Jenner, and following the time the two split, Jenner remained a doting dad to the boys, as Thompson shares. However, Linda, now 66, tells all about a scheme by Kris Jenner that brought their happy family “crashing down,” as Radar Online states.

The split between Linda and Caitlyn came to be when Jenner revealed that she had plans to transition into a woman, as Celebuzz recalls. The couple remained close following the separation and divorce. Caitlyn visited their children regularly at Linda’s home while Thompson began dating and then married David Foster. She explained the situation.

“Once or twice a week, he stopped by to swim or play with the boys…Bruce was also invited to, and usually attended, every holiday celebration and kids’ birthday party. He always had his video recorder in hand, and he was very much in the mix at such events.”

It was in 1990, when Caitlyn was in mid-transition to becoming a woman, that she began dating Kris Jenner, now 60. A year later, the couple married and Caitlyn put a stop to her transition process. Linda commented on what it meant to her and her sons.

“I had high hopes for the blended family we were building and I saw the possibility for ongoing love and support for all of our children.”

It didn’t turn out this way. As Linda continues, she reveals that Caitlyn married and rarely saw her sons. She assumed it was due to being busy or building her life with her new family and was caught up in a new happiness after years of being alone.

“In the aftermath of their wedding, I assumed his distance was just due to the fact that he was busy. And then I tried to tell myself that he was caught up in his newfound happiness after so many years of loneliness.”

Thompson came to terms with the fact that the marriage to Kris was a “turning point” that involved Jenner going years without even attempting to reach out or visit Brody and Brandon. Caitlyn did not send any cards for special occasions and made no attempts to call.

” [I]n truth, the union marked a turning point during which periods of several years would go by without Bruce attempting to contact or visit his sons, no birthday cards, or phone calls, no ‘Merry Christmas,’ no ‘Everything okay?’ after several Malibu wildfires threatened our home and safety… Bruce was a noticeable absence now.”

She shares how her sons simply stopped asking about their father and accepted that he was going to continue to be absent in their lives. Linda went on to relay that his absence in their sons’ lives broke her heart more than their divorce had.

Following Kris and Caitlyn’s wedding, Kris reportedly took complete control of Jenner’s affairs. She let Caitlyn’s entire team of publicists and managers go. Thompson does admit that Kris’ moves did allow Caitlyn to enjoy a “resurgence” in career.

Though she sees the correlation between Kris’ involvement in Caitlyn’s life and Caitlyn’s absence in Brody and Brandon’s life, Linda acknowledges that the blame cannot be put on Kris entirely, as it is the father’s responsibility to fight for his children and be there regardless.

“While I could not personally respect or love a man who didn’t take care of all his children, the responsibility was always Bruce’s.”

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