‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’: Masika Kalysha Details Having A Baby With Fetty Wap

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 surprised many when Fetty Wap was featured in the trailer with his child’s mother Masika Kalysha.

The “Trap Queen” rapper initially denied that the child was his and told a different story. In a Breakfast Club interview, Masika told her side of the story and how she got pregnant by Harlem Fetty.

When radio host Charlamagne Tha God insinuated that Masika trapped Fetty by asking her if she said “got him” when he “shot up her club,” she responded, “I screamed, ‘Don’t do that again,'” before adding later on that “it was multiple times.”

This contradicts Fetty’s account when he claimed it was a one-night stand. Fetty also insinuated that Masika met him at the club with the intention of sleeping with him. In a Shade Room interview, the “My Way” rapper admitted to having unprotected sex and talking about contraception. He then says she “went around that sh*t.”

According to Masika, she lived near the nightclub where she met Fetty Wap and the meeting was about making music together.

In the Breakfast Club interview Masika details the night she met the rapper.

“‘I’m a business woman and I would love to pay you for a record,'” she recalls telling Fetty. “And he kind of stopped and laughed at me.”

Kalysha states that a woman has never offered to pay him to record a song and the impressed Fetty decided to make a song with her free of charge.

“He’s like ‘Nah, I’ll do it for free,'” she recalled.

Masika admitted to sleeping with Fetty Wap the first night they met and claimed that this was uncharacteristic of her to do that.

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star also claims that she was in a relationship with the rapper and they spent a lot of time together.

“We started talking on FaceTime, and he ended up spending the whole week with me, like every day. I went to all the clubs he hosted, I went to the studio with him, I was at his concerts, and he actually didn’t do the record.”

Masika also reveals that Fetty did not deny that the child was his privately. She told the Breakfast Club that the rapper did not want to take a paternity test because he knew that child was his and he apologized for the accusation.

Ms. Kalysha also reveals that Fetty Wap posted them together on Snapchat and says that the public would not have known about their relationship if he didn’t post a video of them together.

Kalysha also stated that Fetty suggested that they get a house together when she revealed that she was moving into a bigger house of her own. The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star said that Fetty Wap insisted that they have an exclusive relationship and that he is not with any other women.

She also reveals that Fetty Wap gets a house for all of his women and they have a song together, which she played at the end of her Breakfast Club interview. Masika also reveals that she tried to prevent her pregnancy by taking the morning after pill.

Ms. Kalysha revealed that her relationship with Fetty is complicated and they have not been intimate since she got pregnant. Fetty attempted to make things right with her, however they still have issues.

She revealed that Fetty supports their child without a court order and she has only involved the court when she wanted to prove that he is the father with a paternity test.

Although Fetty Wap is joining Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Masika said their child with not appear on the “ratchet” show.

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