Is Joseline Hernandez Really Pregnant? ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Stevie J Focuses On Family And Music

Since Joseline Hernandez announced she is pregnant on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, some fans still doubt the Puerto Rican Princess is pregnant.

In the reunion show, Joseline took a pregnancy test that came back positive. She claims that her and Stevie had sex in Los Angeles – probably during the filming of Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood.

Fans of the show claim that her baby bump is inconsistent in pictures and doubt that she is really pregnant.

Joseline last posted a picture of her baby bump a week ago and has since taken a video with only her face and upper body showing.

The Puerto Rican Princess announced some new music with a friend. However, the video doesn’t reveal her baby bump.

Joseline has also posted pictures where her pregnancy is not visible, leaving many fans questioning the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star on her Instagram comments.

“This the second time she’s supposedly pregnant then next week the baby bump gone smfh,” one fan commented.

Some videos and picture show the baby bump, while others do not. Some fans have defended Joseline, stating that her choice of clothes hides her baby bump, while others suggest that she is holding in her stomach to take pictures.

Stevie J, on the other hand, seems to be focused on music and family. The Bad Boy producer has posted many Instagram pictures with his children and recording music.

Stevie J maintains that he is not the father of Joseline’s alleged baby.

In a Bossip exclusive, Joseline Hernandez’s attorney demands that Stevie takes a paternity test to prove that he is the father of the unborn baby.

“We are trying to get Stevie to take a blood test to see if the baby is his. [Joseline’s] already taken her test. She’s waiting for him to go down and put his sample in. Stevie is not supporting her in any form or fashion. Not financially, nothing.”

Stevie J recently claimed in court that Joseline is not her real name and she is not from Puerto Rico. The Hitman claims her real name is Shenellica Juneann Bettencourt and that she is 39 – 10 years older than she claims.

Even if Joseline is really pregnant, many fans doubt that Stevie J is the father. During Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5, The Puerto Rican Princess tearfully told Mimi that Stevie has fathered another child.

When Mimi investigated the claim, it turned out to be false. Joseline also claimed that Stevie molested his daughter with no evidence. Therefore, many fans of the show struggle to believe that Joseline is telling the truth when it comes to her pregnancy.

Young Dro is also expected to join Love and Hip Hop Atlanta next season. He is rumored to be Joseline’s baby daddy and he is yet to deny the story.

The Puerto Rican Princess recently revealed her plans to shoot a pregnancy special in Miami. This series is yet to be officially announced and will probably rest all speculation about the validity of her baby bump.

Earlier this month, Mimi Faust slammed Joseline in a VH1 interview. When asked about the Puerto Rican Princess telling her about Stevie’s alleged child, Mimi responded with the following.

“No, I didn’t actually. She was very convincing. All the tears and the snot coming out of her nose. Oh yeah, she was very convincing. She’s a horrible human being. Horrible, horrible person.”

Joseline made a lot of enemies in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Do you think that she is really pregnant? And if you think she is – is Stevie J the father?

Leave your comments below.

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