Microsoft to highlight everyday Windows users in new campaign

Not long after news broke that Microsoft had dumped Jerry Seinfield from the current $300 million Windows campaign, the New York Times reported that the second stage of the campaign would highlight everyday Windows users, such as Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra and Pharrell Williams, sharing with the world how they love and use Microsoft products.

The new phase of the campaign will include a head on challenge to Apple’s Mac vs PC campaign, complete with a John Hodgman clone (pic top left) saying that he’s a PC and a stereotype, before the everyday people share their stories. Other everyday people to feature in the campaign include scientists, fashion designers and shark hunters, the sort of people average folk can relate to.

As I’ve said previously, I’ll hold back on my judgment until I see the ad, and it can’t be any worse that the first phase. At least this time there’s a message…sort of Marketing 101 for first year marketing students who don’t take crack.