‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Shocking Identity Of The Serial Killer Revealed, Hayden Attacks Liz, Spinelli Returns, And Someone Is Arrested?

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of August 29 will be a juicy one. The serial killer will strike again and Port Charles will have a city-wide blackout. Hayden and Liz have a cat fight and Jordan arrests someone by the end of the week. And, Franco learns about a secret and tries to decide how to use it to his advantage. Spinelli returns for a short stint, and Jason and Sam’s wedding begins. It looks like a great week ahead.

The identity of the serial killer will be revealed this week on General Hospital. Soap Opera Digest reports that writer Shelly Altman explains that “a number of things prompted the reveal to happen this week.” She explains that you can get the most out of a shocking revelation when it comes out on the heels of other storylines, like Sam and Jason’s wedding.

“We wanted it to be someone who matters to the canvas in a bigger way than somebody we brought on for that exact reason, someone whose story has ramifications for other stories, as well, and we realized that we did have a character in place whose motivations make sense. That’s the other thing; we have a good, emotionally based motivation that drives the killer.”

Shelly explained that they went over different scenarios when selecting the killer’s identity. They wanted someone who had the most impact and someone that the audience would feel emotionally connected too. General Hospital writers wanted someone who had the most impact and the audience would feel emotionally connected too. Apparently, the way the reveal happens, the General Hospital viewers will wonder if someone is helping the killer, or if they acted alone. There will be more questions than answers when it comes out in the week of August 29.

“The killer does get a little sloppy–and a clue to their identity falls in the wrong hands.”

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava Jerome blabs to Hayden Barnes that Liz Webber has the diamonds. Hayden is angry and decides to confront Liz at the hospital. It results in a confrontation and Dr. Finn has to break it up before it turned physical. Liz tells Hayden that she plans to turn the diamonds into the police, and she will be hauled off to jail. After thinking, Liz decides to hand over the diamonds to Kevin. Before she is able to hand them over, she is shoved down a flight of stairs. Afterward, Franco points the finger at Hayden as the one that pushed her. Dr. Finn isn’t so sure.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jordan will overhear a shocking accusation. It prompts her to slap cuffs on someone. Damien Spinelli arrives for Jason and Sam’s wedding. Apparently, someone will need Spinelli’s expertise while he’s in town to solve a crime.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports Nina Reeves will hear upsetting news about her quest to become a mother. Nina has a meltdown after learning that she may never be a mother.

The Port Charles blackout could make it easy for the killer to move around and pick their next victim. Andre Maddox just so happens to be there when another victim is attacked, and he tries desperately to save the person. Dr. Finn wonders if it was a little too convenient that Andre was there at the “perfect time.”

General Hospital fans will have to say goodbye to Spencer Cassadine for now. He is being written off the show to attend board school. Will he return to the show older and more mature, or will a new actor step into the role in the future.

General Hospital fans, who do you think is the serial killer? Are you excited about Jason and Sam’s wedding? Stick with the Inquisitr for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and casting updates.

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