‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New Alliance Forms In ‘BB18’ House Following Nominations, One Houseguest Causes Kitchen Fire

Big Brother 18 spoilers have a new alliance running the BB18 house. That alliance leads a day packed with Big Brother 18 spoilers, but first, there is a report from fan site Joker’s Updates that a kitchen fire had taken place inside the BB18 house. While making Jello, it appears that Natalie Negrotti caused her pot to catch on fire. It lasted only a brief moment, but the fire caused Natalie to go into an extreme panic. Worried she would get sent home for starting a fire in the house, Natalie had to be talked down by James Huling and Paul Abrahamian.

The fire was never anything serious, possibly becoming just an anecdote in an otherwise busy day in the BB18 house, but Natalie Negrotti couldn’t stop talking about it. She even became upset with James after he didn’t seem phased by the fact that a fire had just happened in the kitchen. It also may not have helped that Victor Arroyo decided to make a joke out of it, stating that “you missed it, Natalie started a fire and almost killed all of us!” That comment was directed at Michelle Meyer when she first walked in the kitchen following the drama.

Setting aside the fire of summer 2016, it was also an important day in the house when it comes to the Week 10 Head of Household nominations. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, among the other Big Brother 18 spoilers from Friday (August 26) was Nicole Franzel winning the HOH competition, beating out everyone and the returning member of the BB18 jury to take over the power. James Huling was the last houseguest on the wall with her, but he let Nicole win when she offered safety for Natalie and James and continuously begged to win to “just get a letter from her mom.”

At the nomination ceremony, Nicole put Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian on the block, putting into motion a plan that she had worked on with Corey Brooks. The primary target to go home this week is Michelle, with the votes already stacked against her in the house. Things could get very interesting, though, if Paul or Victor Arroyo ends up winning the Power of Veto. Corey and Nicole worked out a final four deal with Paul and Victor, dictating that Michelle, James, and Natalie are all in their way when it comes to winning the $500,000 prize.

Though the nominations are now in place, the weekend could hold even more Big Brother 18 spoilers, all based on how the Veto competition plays out. Corey really wants Victor to win the Veto and then use it to save Paul. That would create a scenario where either James or Natalie gets put up on the block. In that situation, Corey, Victor, and Paul would then send either James or Natalie to the BB18 jury. It’s certainly a bold move by the new alliance, especially if it plays out in an ideal way for them all.

Worth noting is that Victor Arroyo won the BB18 jury competition to get back in the house and Corey Brooks was given the latest Care Package from America. Corey now has $5,000 to use as a bribe to get anyone in the house to do any one thing he asks. It is considered a binding contract for the person agreeing to do his bidding. Outside of that, can the new BB18 alliance of Corey, Victor, Nicole Franzel, and Paul Abrahamian make it to the final four? Stay tuned fans, because the weekend is about to get packed with new Big Brother 18 spoilers.

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