Cristina Ferrare Cooks: From Hallmark’s Kitchen To Her Own, She’s Still Serving From The Heart

Cristina Ferrare went from Hallmark Channel’s kitchen to her own, but she still cooks from the heart. From 2012 until 2016 she shared her cooking with her extended family on Hallmark’s Home & Family show on a regular basis. Prior to that, she had a show on OWN. She was a fan favorite for far more than the incredible way she cooks, however. Social media users have applauded her grace, sense of style, and warm heart. Her fans were astonished and disheartened when she exited from Hallmark’s Home & Family show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cristina Ferrare told fans on her social media pages that she was let go because of her age. Fans were outraged and are still speaking out about it.

The controversial decision by Hallmark Channel to replace Cristina Ferrare with Debbie Matenopoulos may have led to her exit from Home & Family, but it certainly hasn’t kicked her out of the kitchen. She still cooks vibrant, healthy meals, and her fans want more. She’s been recently featured in Facebook live segments with Maria Shriver. Social media is also a great way to keep up with her wonderful recipes and activities; she can be found on Twitter @CristinaCooks.

In an article from Huffington Post, she recalled a favorite childhood memory that still impacts her decisions today. Time spent in the kitchen with her zesty Italian family was at the heart of her goal to be a wife and mother and to share similar moments with them. She fondly recalls Sunday dinners at home, with her Italian father playing Tony Bennett and Mario Lanza songs while she helped her mother prepare the meal.

“It excited me. The smell of the food, listening to the music playing, knowing that people that we really cared about were coming over. We didn’t have a lot of money, but there was so much love in the house that all of that was imprinted in me very young. And I said, ‘I want to do this, when I grow [up], I want to have the same thing for my family.'”

Cristina Ferrare [Photo by Helga Esteb / Shutterstock Images]
She made good on her word, and then some. Not only has she raised her beautiful daughters in the kitchen, instilling in them a love for cooking, she has shared a great deal of her heart and soul with fans from her kitchen segments. She still cooks, and it’s still for a huge audience. Maria Shriver has openly embraced Cristina and welcomed her into the kitchen for their shows. The fans are eating it up, in a manner of speaking, as fast as Cristina cooks it.

On her cooking website, Cristina Ferrare Cooks, she shares not only her recipes, but her heart. One of the causes nearest to Cristina’s heart is research and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, in honor of her mother, Renata Ferrare. Cristina’s bio on her site lists her as: “Wife. Mother. Chef. Talk Show Host. Fighting The Fight Against Alzheimer’s. New York Times Best-Selling Author.”

On a Huffington Post show called Talk To Me, during a series of parent-child interviews, Cristina Ferrare shared a few moments with her daughters, Arianna and Alex Thomopolous. She shared with them her lifelong desire to be a mother and build a large family, along with the challenges she faced as they grew up. She was at her pinnacle of motherhood when they were small children, because she had the ability to keep them close to her at all times. It was when they started growing up and becoming more independent that she struggled the most. They had friends and interests of their own, and she missed them.

“The things that I thought would destroy me didn’t, because there is always a lesson to be learned. When I went thorough it, it sucked big time and it was devastating, but I got through it.”

To those fans who’ve been missing her: rest assured, Cristina Ferrare still cooks. Although she’s moved from Hallmark’s kitchen back to her own, she’s still serving from the heart.

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