Dina Lohan Gives Parenting Advice To Amanda Bynes’ Parents

Just when you thought Dina Lohan was trying her best to focus on her own family it looks like the mother of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, is actually focusing on the troubles of another former child actress — Amanda Bynes.

The Nickelodeon star who has recently had some trouble with the law including two hit and runs, driving with a suspended license and having her car impounded, has hit a new low. Of course Dina Lohan is now looking to save Amanda Bynes before it’s too late and has decided to reach out to the parents of Bynes to shell out advice — even if no one asked her in the first place.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, in true fashion Dina Lohan denied the glaring similarities between Lindsay and Amanda, but had no problem with speaking out on behalf of other mothers over the whole Amanda Bynes situation. Lohan said, “You know, I’m a mother, and I feel that that’s for her mother to speak about, and not me, because people have spoken for my child and myself. “I really feel that’s for her parents to discuss and Amanda herself.”

When asked about what she thought of the whole situation, the mother of Lindsay, Michael Jr., 24, Ali, 18, and Cody, 16, said:

“Just be around. It’s hard when your daughter’s not, you know, over 18, and you want to let them go and they want to feel like they’re in control of themselves. So it’s a very strategic place for a parent to be, but she’ll be ok.”

Do you agree with Dina Lohan’s parenting advice and do you think she’s taking her own advice in raising her children?

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