Showtime Teases Fans With A Taste Of ‘Dexter’ On The 10-Year Anniversary, Series To Return, Kind Of [Video]

The critically-acclaimed crime drama Dexter is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, UPI reports.

Showtime released a new trailer for the series to promote a special TV marathon scheduled to begin in October. The series ran for eight seasons from 2006-2013.

Dexter began on October 1, 2006, staring Micheal C. Hall as Dexter Morgan. He worked as a blood splatter specialist during the daytime and at night became a vigilante serial killer. The series was nominated for over 20 Emmy awards during its eight season run.

Right after the series ended in 2013, Dexter fans immediately wanted to see a spin-off, or for the producers to come back for Season 9. Michael C. Hall has stated on multiple occasions that he feels Dexter ran its course and ended at the right time. He added that he didn’t think a spin-off would happen, and if it did, he wouldn’t be interested in participating.

“[A spinoff is] not something I can really consider. I’m not saying it’s an impossibility that someone else might come up with it.”

Showtime had briefly expressed some interest in resurrecting the series in 2014, only to shelve the project to work on other shows. At the time, they stated that they wanted to bring it back at some point, but it wasn’t the right time.

Showtime released the trailer for the marathon scheduled to air in October, with clips of the series from the pilot episode to Season 8. For many Dexter fans, it felt like they were trying to appease the fans for not being able to give them a new season or spin-off. The fact is, the marathon and trailer aren’t as good as a new season, but at this point, it’s better than nothing.

In the series, Dexter struggled to balance his life between family, friends, work, and his urge to kill bad guys on a daily basis. He tried his best to mimic what he considered “normal” behavior, only to constant feel like he was “pretending to be something he wasn’t.”

Showtime has not commented on whether they are planning to bring the series back for Season 9. Last year, they revealed that they wanted to bring the show back, but it only made sense if Hall agreed to appear in Dexter. Micheal reportedly told TMZ that he wasn’t aware of any plan to bring back the series, and he felt confident that if Showtime was serious about bringing Dexter back to television, they’d contact him.

The news of the trailer for the marathon traveled fast on social media. Most of Dexter’s fans voiced their disappointment that the trailer was not a new season, but a recap of everything they had seen so far. Many stated that they hope that the marathon is testing the waters to see if the fans want to see more Dexter episodes. The general census was that Dexter fans want to see more of Dexter Morgan — even if they bring Dexter back as a mini-series, spin-off, or a movie.

Deadline reports that on October 31, Showtime will release a new Dexter game that will be available on Andriod and iOS. Showtime is giving the fans the chance to vote on the company’s website over a four-week period for their favorite 10 episodes. They will air the top 10 episodes on October 1 as a way to celebrate Dexter’s 10th anniversary. They created the hashtag #Dexter10 for social media to allow the fans a place to talk about the series.

Dexter fans, would you like to see the series return to cable TV for Season 9 or a spin-off? What do you think about the new(ish) trailer for the marathon? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Dexter spoilers, news, and rumors.

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