‘Arrow’ Star Colton Haynes To Be Honored By Human Rights Campaign

Colton Haynes may now be more recognized for the struggles and triumphs in his personal life than he has been in his acting career, though his roles on Teen Wolf and Arrow are notable in their own rights. At 28, Haynes has already achieved more than most his age, both in life and in his career, so it may come as no surprise to his fans that he will receive some much deserved recognition. The Human Rights Campaign is preparing to honor Colton with the HRC Visibility Award.

Colton Haynes “Has Inspired Countless LGBTQ Young People”

The announcement from People magazine that Colton Haynes would be recognized with the HRC Visibility Award at the 17th Annual HRC Seattle Gala comes just a day before the event, which is to take place on August 27 at the Seattle Sheraton. In a statement issued by the Human Rights Campaign, the organization expressed great pride in being able to present the Arrow star with this award.

“Colton Haynes has inspired countless LGBTQ young people across the country and around the world to live their lives as their authentic selves,” said HRC President Chad Griffin in the statement. “By simply being open about who he is, Haynes is helping to break down barriers and tear down closet doors.”

Haynes kept his sexual orientation a private matter through much of his acting career, but came out to the public this past May in an Entertainment Weekly interview. Ultimately, Colton said he made the decision to open up, because keeping it a secret was complicating his life with unnecessary stress.

“It took me so long to get to this point, but I’m doing so good,” the Arrow star says of coming out of the closet. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and healthier than I’ve ever been, and that’s what I care about.”

Britney Spears Gives Colton Haynes A Piece Of Me

As a part of her A Piece of Me show, Britney Spears pulls someone out of the audience and makes that person a part of the show, but, as Billboard reports, Spears sometimes isn’t aware that she’s pulling another celebrity into the limelight. Such seemed to be the case, when Spears grabbed Colton Haynes’ hand and pulled him up onto the stage with her, making the Arrow star a part of her “Freakshow” performance. In a dance reminiscent of classic burlesque shows, Colton was strapped into a leather harness and made the centerpiece of Spears’ risque display.

“That was so much fun, oh my God! Thank you for coming up here and dancing with us,” Spears said afterward, hinting that she wasn’t aware she had another celebrity in her midst. “What’s your name? Colton? Give it up for Colton everyone! You’re an amazing dancer, oh my goodness.”

Britney was feeling especially frisky that night, or so it seemed, as she gave Haynes a little more attention. Thanking all of her dancers, she made a special point to compliment Colton’s backside.

“Wow, call me anytime,” Spears added. “Everyone’s so beautiful — and his a–!”

Afterwards, Haynes shared his excitement with his Twitter followers, thanking the “Freakshow” singer for involving him in the show and commenting that he was available for future shows.

“Britney Spears just gave a shoutout to my behind on stage…what the hell is happening. Thk u @britneyspears. I’m avail for dance hire lol,” tweeted the Arrow actor.

It was certainly a night to remember for the Arrow star, but it remains to be seen if Britney will tweet back to Colton, once she realizes who she had on stage.

Colton Haynes recently guest starred on Fox’s The Grinder and is slated to star in the Brett Leonard drama, Triumph.

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