‘Teen Mom 2’ Javi Marroquin Confirms Kailyn Lowry’s Infidelity Ended Their Marriage

For months, Teen Mom 2 fans speculated over what may have caused the marriage between Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry to come to an end. Was it the fact that she had so much plastic surgery? Did infidelity play a role? According to Radar Online, the Teen Mom 2 dad many fans had come to adore as a great father to Lincoln, 2, and stepson Isaac, 7 has confirmed Lowry was not faithful to him before he was deployed and during his Air Force deployment.

It was back in December when Kailyn Lowry originally filed for divorce against her husband. However, Marroquin claims he was under the impression the two had reconciled things before he was deployed with the Air Force for 7 months. It was not until some time later that Javi learned his wife had never canceled the divorce filing.

“When she brought it up later I was like, ‘Whoa, I [Javi] thought you canceled this,” he told Radar.

“I didn’t even know she still had it going on. Up until the day we left, to my knowledge, we were good… We were going to make it.”

Teen Mom 2 fans known that Marroquin and Lowry were continuing to go back and forth regarding if they were going to move forward with the divorce or attempt to work out the issues in their marriage. However, the Teen Mom 2 father claims Kailyn had already made up her mind and had planned to divorce him.

“I found out a lot of things while I was overseas that was a deal breaker,” Javi claimed. “It was too much damage that can’t be undone.”

In a separate article, Radar Online also reveals a source close to Kailyn Lowry claims Christina “Peach” Pietrobon was the real driving force behind the reason the marriage between Lowry and Marroquin ended. The source went on to claim that Christina forced Javi to choose between Lowry and his family and this was the real reason the marriage ended.

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According to Javi Marroquin, the Teen Mom 2 marriage ended because Lowry was unfaithful to him. Javi claims it was not just about him knowing his wife was a cheater or accusing her of being unfaithful. It was the fact that he could prove it to be true. Kailyn made the mistake of telling people who were close to her – people she thought were loyal to her – about her infidelities. These people, then, turned around and reported said information back to Javi.

For example, Javi learned when Lowry was filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion special in Los Angeles, she told people she was there “with someone else.” Shortly after, she posted a photo of herself with another man on Instagram. This led to Teen Mom 2 fans speculating that Lowry had already moved on from Javi.

Javi went on to tell Radar Online the alleged cheating did not start during his deployment. Kailyn Lowry started being unfaithful to her husband long before he left. Marroquin claims his wife would remain logged in to certain websites on the computer and he was able to find a lot of stuff that way. He also claims his friends made frequent claims that she was unfaithful to him. Javi, unfortunately, opted to believe his wife over his friends at the time.

According to this Teen Mom 2 dad, there were people who did not even know him very well approaching him to tell him about how his wife was being unfaithful.

“I have screen shots, I have texts and I have pictures,” he said.

“They’re saved on a lot of different things just in case. When the time is right, what’s done in the light will show in the light.”

Teen Mom 2 fans are starting to speculate whether or not Javi has finally moved on with his friend Peach after Kailyn recently blasted him for getting matching tattoos with a girl he claims is nothing more than a friend according to InTouch Weekly.

Do you think Kailyn cheated on Javi? Does Lowry really have a right to blast her husband about anything anymore?

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