‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Trailer Features Creepy Children, A Haunted XBox 360

Days after a teaser clip made its way onto The Inquisitr, Paramount Pictures has unleashed a proper trailer for the upcoming horror flick Paranormal Activity 4. According to Screen Crave, the sequel features a very peculiar haunted household item: An Xbox 360. While I always had a feeling that my gaming console had its electronic eye on me, I never thought the device would play a part in any sort of supernatural shenanigans. If nothing else, at least the filmmakers are trying something different. Silly, yes, but different nonetheless.

In addition to the spooky XBox Kinect and some suitably creepy children doing suitably creepy things, Paranormal Activity 4 also makes use of webcam technology, a device which will help differentiate the sequel from its predecessors.

The Examiner describes the plot as follows:

“The movie focuses on Alice, a young girl documents the unsettling things that have started to occur in her neighborhood. Complicating matters are that these occurrences started once a woman and a young boy named Robbie move to the area. Robbie, this film’s Hunter. After Alice’s mother takes in Robbie, the paranormal events kick in.”

Paranormal Activity 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the filmmakers responsible for helming the incredibly unsettling documentary Catfish, will return for the forthcoming follow-up. Although the addition of a spooky XBox 360 is certainly interesting, it really does little to separate the film from the other entries in the series. Judging from the trailer you see embedded below, Paranormal Activity 4 follows the formula to the letter.

The Paranormal Activity franchise has essentially replaced the Saw series as Halloween’s go-to horror series. Just last year, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s Paranormal Activity 3 earned $104 million at the domestic box office. Considering the flick only cost $5 million to make, it’s not surprising the studio is willing to head back to these spooky waters for another swim.

Are you a fan of the Paranormal Activity series?

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