Kate And Pippa Middleton: The Media Battle That’s Continually Brewing

The engagement of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews has been a prime focus of the media and has made up the majority of headlines associated with the royal family as of late. Rumor upon rumor has been churned out over a supposed feud between Pippa and her royal older sister, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

The supposed sour point comes at the news that Kate may not be asked to be the maid of honor to her sister, even after Duchess Kate made her sister famous when she gave her the spotlight as her maid of honor back in 2011 at the Royal Wedding. Millions were glued to their televisions to watch stunning Kate and her equally as beautiful, yet relatively unknown sister, Pippa, gracefully amble down the lengthy aisle.

There have been ongoing rumors over the years that Pippa has not enjoyed living her life in her sister’s shadow. Royal experts have noted that if the duchess returned the favor by taking on the maid of honor duties, the day would certainly gain media attention for Kate and leave Pippa in the shadows once more, even on her own wedding day.

Royal author Judy Wade shared her expertise on the subject last month, as People notes.

“It’s a tricky situation for Pippa. She would want her sister by her side, as who else would she trust to make things go well? But if your sister is a future Queen, she is going to upstage the bride and draw attention. Kate would want to be in the background as much as possible.”

Pippa and James announced that they had become engaged on July 17 and have remained a hot topic of conversation ever since. However, there has been just as many negative reasons for this as positive. One additional claim surrounding the engagement is that Kate believes James Matthews’ younger brother, who was a star of a seedy reality show, will draw negative media attention to the royals and the Middletons.

Celeb Dirty Laundry spurs on this rumor, that has yet to be verified.

“The Pippa Middleton and James Matthews wedding has been a major cause for concern. Not only for Queen Elizabeth, but for Kate Middleton as well. Clearly, Queen Elizabeth is none too happy that the Matthews family – along with controversial reality television star Spencer Matthews – is now going to be connected to the royal family. Their reputation might be at stake. And that’s probably why Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton have been spending more time apart these days.”

Prior to the engagement, Pippa was reportedly not entirely happy that her own life and failures in love and endeavors were made so prominent in the media. Mainly these involve the flop of her party planning book, Celebrate, which likely wouldn’t have been so heavily criticized if she wasn’t the sister to the duchess.

Yet the fact that she is the sister to the Duchess was likely the reason she was given a publishing deal to begin with. Her relationship with Nico Jackson was also said to be ruined due to constant media attention that came from being the beautiful sister to Kate Middleton. The Inquisitr reported on the matter late last year following Pippa’s split from Jackson.

“[T]he younger of the Middleton sisters has expressed woes about the difficulty she has experienced in finding love while living in England. Many men are reportedly ‘turned off’ by the constant media circus that surrounds Pippa, due to her affiliation with the royals. The paparazzi are relentless and often make any attempt at private relationship for Pippa, or any royal, completely impossible.”

Yet, waiting in the wings was her on-and-off beau of nearly a decade, James Matthews, who stepped in and finally fully won Pippa’s heart. Pippa finally seems pleased to be in the spotlight for a positive reason doesn’t seem to mind stealing the focus from the duchess.

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