Paulie Calafiore Leaves ‘Big Brother’ With a Bang And Really Short Shorts

Paulie Calafiore had all of the makings of a Big Brother winner, but he lost sight of the game and let his ego get in the way. And now that we’ve seen his behavior in the jury house, it’s official that Paulie Calafiore has turned into a big ol’ BB18 disappointment.

On Thursday’s episode of Big Brother, fans finally got to see Paulie Calafiore’s entrance into the jury house, including his reunion with his Season 18 showmance, Zakiyah Everette. But, clearly, Zakiyah’s girls, Da’Vonne Rogers and Bridgette Dunning, had her ear in the days leading up to Paulie’s arrival because his jury house welcome was anything but warm. In fact, Zakiyah was downright chilly, as can be seen in the video below.

Perhaps most disappointing was the chip Calafiore had on his shoulder even after exiting the Big Brother game. While he seemed humbled during his eviction night chat with Julie Chen, he ramped up his attitude when he came face to face with his three fellow jurors.

Paulie traded zingers with all of the girls, and his argument with Zakiyah was downright heated as his former bedmate did a complete 180 and called him a “b**h” and a “loser.” Indeed, while the jury house is usually a tranquil place to make amends with fellow ousted BB players, Paulie Calafiore’s return was anything but a happy reunion.

Then there was Paulie’s chance to battle back. While he initially told the female jurors he wanted to succeed more than he wanted to breathe, Calafiore ultimately lost out on his last Big Brother chance to Victor Arroyo. Perhaps more interesting than Paulie’s gameplay was the pair of black shortie shorts that he wore during the competition. Those things need their own Twitter page.

While Paulie Calafiore played harder than three of his fellow jurors in the wall endurance competition (Da’Vonne and Zakiyah pathetically held hands and jumped from the wall together to seal their fate before Bridgette fell on her own), he ultimately lost his last chance at a golden ticket back into the game to Victor. That means it is now game over for Paulie.

If Paulie had taken a page out of his brother Cody’s Big Brother 16 playbook (avoid a showmance and stay loyal to one person), maybe he wouldn’t be sitting in the jury house today.

After Calafiore broke in tears down during a particularly bad apple pie-making session, Julie Chen told Entertainment Weekly even she was surprised by how he cracked under pressure in the Big Brother house.

“I think Paulie is a guy who is just not used to losing,” Chen said. “Plus, he had his run of the house for weeks and weeks and to lose that control was like a system breakdown. Or perhaps he’s just a sore loser?”

Calafiore has said that some of his outbursts were strictly part of playing the game, and he was simply trying to get sympathy from the other houseguests. In his own interview with EW, Paulie said he tried his best in the CBS summertime game.

“At the end of the day, it is a game and I played the game to the best of my ability,” Calafiore said. ” If you are going to go out, you should go out with no malice to anyone because we are all friends and would not act like that in real life…Can’t go out with any anger in your heart.”

While Paulie Calafiore’s game will forever be compared to his brother Cody’s, his family is clearly in his corner. In a video posted to YouNow, the Big Brother 16 runner-up said he is proud of Paulie, but that his brother is a big boy and will have to answer for his behavior once Big Brother wraps next month. In addition, Paulie’s dad, Paul Calafiore, gave his son a pass, reminding fans that everyone makes mistakes in their twenties.

Take a look at the video below to see Paulie Calafiore talking about his strained relationship with the women in the Big Brother jury house.

[Image via CBS Big Brother Paulie Calafiore Facebook]

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