WWE Spoilers: Who Will Fight John Cena At ‘Wrestlemania 33’?

Even though Wrestlemania 33 isn’t until next year, fans have already begun to put forth potential WWE spoilers about the fight. We’ve already confirmed that The Rock will be making an appearance at Wrestlemania 33 — and possibly even fighting Vin Diesel to promote Fast 8 — and now, we can also all but confirm that John Cena will also be making an appearance at the biggest wrestling event of the spring. But who will face off against The Face that Runs the Place?

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Please do not read this blog if you do not wish to know about the latest WWE spoilers.

According to SportsKeeda, the latest potentialWWE spoilers suggest that relative unknown Shinsuke Nakamura — a Japanese native who recently took home the NXT title when he defeated Samoa Joe — wants to take on John Cena when Wrestlemania 33 hits Orlando in April 2017. When asked by the outlet what his goals were in the WWE, he barely missed a beat when he announced the match he’d like to book:

“I’d like to fight at Wrestlemania. John Cena — that’s a great choice.”

If WWE officials really do book this match, Nakamura will become the second NXT star to face off against the Hefty trash bags spokesperson — we’ll recall that Bray Wyatt fought John Cena during Wrestlemania 30, but obviously, Cena took home the victory.

Of course, other WWE spoilers put forth by Daily DDT suggest that Nakamura can keep on dreaming about that Cena match, because AJ Styles — who is quickly earning himself VIP status in the WWE — is the one who will be facing off against his long-time opponent in Orlando during Wrestlemania 33.

After Styles filed one in the “win” column against Cena during a surprise upset at SummerSlam last weekend, it’s only logical that The Phenomenal One would further cement his legacy in the WWE with a final face-off against Cena that brings him a championship title. In just a short time, Styles has built up a loyal following amongst fans and officials alike, and he’s also proven that he can work well as either a top face or a heel in the ring. Since his story line hasn’t been well-developed, a win against Cena in the Wrestlemania 33 ring will help define his future with the company.

Indeed, when Camel Clutch Blog was talking about these very WWE spoilers, they were in agreement that AJ Styles needs to face off against Cena in the Wrestlemania ring in order to “rewrite” WWE history. However, the outlet’s take on the potential fight is not that it has anything to do with establishing AJ Styles in the organization — because this seems to be a fait accompli, given the way the fights are going — and everything to do with how Cena’s legacy in the organization needs to be preserved.

Like The Rock before him, John Cena is one of the most successful celebrity wrestlers of all time, but unlike The Rock — who transitioned from the ring to Hollywood riding high on championships and wins — Cena is still floundering on a somewhat uneven keel. He’s faced off against The Edge & CM Punk before, of course, and each of those fights have proven momentous for the wrestler, but he’s still incapable of garnering the same respect that his more Hollywood predecessor was able to do.

Perhaps Camel Clutch Blog put it best:

“If Smackdown Live wants to create its own niche in history, put the strap on Styles at Backlash and wait for the challenge by Cena upon his return. Only then would a 16th run with the world title be reasonable. Only then would a John Cena title run be worth it, and accepted by the fans who know the importance of history in the wrestling business.”

What do you think of these latest WWE spoilers? We’ll keep you apprised of all of the latest WWE spoilers as we become aware of them.

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