‘Identity Thief’ With Melissa McCarthy And Jason Bateman Gets A Trailer: Get Ready To Laugh [Video]

Get ready to laugh a few ounces off your derriere, internet. The upcoming comedy Identity Thief, starring Melissa McCarthy of Bridesmaids fame and Arrested Development alum Jason Bateman, just got a trailer guaranteed to get the laughs.

The Universal Studio flick stars Jason Bateman as a mild-mannered and successful professional of some kind, while McCarthy plays a seemingly innocent-looking woman who steals his identity. Bateman crosses the country from Colorado to Florida to confront McCarthy over card declinations and missed court dates. Both play Sandy Bigelow Patterson, and Bateman’s revenge quest against McCarthy seemingly turns into a bit of a buddy-road movie.

Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family also co-stars in the film.

Though Stonestreet isn’t seen in the trailer in his role as Big Chuck, an eccentric realty broker who has a run-in with the “Pattersons,” we’re sure he’ll do just fine what with his general hilarity on Family.

Identity Thief is directed by Seth Gordon, director of the 2011 dark comedy Horrible Bosses. The film, with its interesting premise and unique casting (Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston as two of the film’s “horrible bosses”), was a financial and critical success. Bosses also starred Jason Bateman as one of the main protagonists. Interestingly, a USA Today review called Horrible Bosses a rival to McCarthy’s own Bridesmaids for “funniest film of the summer.” We still think it was Bridesmaids, but we’re itching to see what Bateman and McCarthy are capable of together.

The film also co-stars Amanda Peet, John Cho, Jon Favreau, and Genesis Rodriguez.Identity Thief hits theaters February 8, 2013.

Here’s the trailer for Identity Thief. Go nuts!

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/GqQg6Rlt6W4? width=”560? height=”315?]

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