‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Fans Still Very Upset With Production Decision On ‘BB18’

Big Brother 18 spoilers may include the next eviction target, but some BB18 fans are still very frustrated by a decision that production made this season. While reviewing the cast photos, as depicted by fan site Joker’s Updates, it becomes very obvious that one houseguest fell through the cracks when it comes to the secondary competitions during summer 2016. A lot of fans have taken to social media to state that it is unfair how Frank Eudy exited the show this season.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the first five evicted houseguests were able to play in a Battle Back competition. The reward was re-entry into the BB18 house, giving those evicted houseguests a second chance at the game. Glenn Garcia, Jozea Flores, Bronte D’Acquisto, Tiffany Rousso, and Victor Arroyo competed in a series of competitions to decide a winner. Eventually, Victor would win and get a second chance this summer. Now there is going to be a BB18 Jury Competition.

An additional report by the Inquisitr about Big Brother 18 spoilers reveals that the first five members of the BB18 jury are going to play in a competition on Thursday night, August 25. This means that Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, Bridgette Dunning, Paulie Calafiore, and likely Victor Arroyo will compete for another shot at the $500,000 prize. Unfortunately for Frank Eudy, he falls in between where the first group of houseguests that got evicted and when people started getting sent to the jury.

Quite a few fans of Frank Eudy have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their disdain toward this process. Many have stated that it is simply not fair that Frank will become the only contestant on Big Brother 18 who wasn’t given a second chance to compete. Some die-hard fans might point to the Return Ticket as an opportunity for him, but Paul Abrahamian, who got the first chance at selecting a ticket, had already picked the winner before Frank even found the secret room.

There was a lot of fan support for the possible showmance that had begun developing between Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning in the BB18 house, but neither houseguest made it very far in the game. Bridgette did survive long enough to become the third member of the BB18 jury, but neither remained in the running for the $500,000 prize for very long. Bridgette now has a second chance to get back in the house, as she will play in the Jury Competition on August 25. While Frank is now at home for the summer, it’s a safe bet to assume he is rooting for Bridgette to win the competition.

There are still popularity polls that get conducted on a weekly basis that mention Frank Eudy among the most popular houseguests this season. That is despite Frank getting evicted about five weeks ago. While there are also fans of the show that aren’t supporters of Frank, it’s hard to disagree with the assessment that he was extremely unlucky by becoming the only BB18 participant to not get to play in the Battle Back or jury competitions.

If there is another All-Star season of the show, it’s possible that Frank Eudy could get invited to participate again. As this was already the second time he has been a contestant, though, the odds of coming back for a third season might be working against Frank and his fans. For now, fans will just have to focus on the next round of Big Brother 18 spoilers that will come out Thursday night, as they will include who has won the BB18 Jury Competition and who has taken over as the new HOH for Week 10.

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