‘Don’t Breathe’ Post-Credits Scene: Does The Summer Thriller Have A Thrilling Finale After The Credits Roll?

Horror fans who see Don’t Breathe this weekend will want to know if there’s a post-credits scene that justifies staying in their seats until all the credits have finished rolling.

For those not initiated into the modern movie world, the post-credits scene, also known as a stinger or a credit cookie, is an extra minute or so tucked at the very end of a movie after all the credits have rolled, and everyone except the hardcore moviegoers has hit the exits.

As Vulture noted, it was the superhero genre that helped usher in the popularity of the post-credits scene, specifically the Marvel movies. It was Marvel Studios that made it a standard policy to give audiences a little extra if they’re willing to wait until the end.

“For current blockbusters, the post-credits sequence is de rigueur, both a wink to hardcore fans and a way to further advance the story into potential sequels or spinoffs. For the past half-decade, these scenes have mostly been associated with superhero movies, so much so that current audiences know better than to leave the theater when a film like Captain America: The Winter Soldierwhich has two post-credits scenes — fades to black.”

The post-credits scene is also a common feature of the thriller/suspense genre, leading to plenty of interest in whether Don’t Breathe has anything hidden at the end.

So, does Don’t Breathe have a post-credits scene?

According to AfterCredits, the answer is no. There is no extra scene either during or after the credits in Don’t Breathe.

For audiences who saw early screenings, there was not yet any definitive word on whether there’s a scene at the end. The sites dedicated to keeping track of which movies have stingers have not listed anything before the late Thursday premiere, but reviews dating back to the movie’s early screenings gave no indication that viewers have a reason to wait for the end.

There could be a sizable audience waiting to see if there’s an after-credits scene in Don’t Breathe. The suspense flick is expected to be the top-grossing movie this weekend, although Variety predicted that it wouldn’t be setting any box office records.

The movie comes at the very tail end of the summer movie season with many kids back in school and the slate of summer superhero blockbusters already come and gone.

“Facing little in the way of serious competition, Sony and Screen Gems’ Don’t Breathe should debut in first place this weekend, racking up $12 million across more than 3,000 screens. If those estimates hold, it will mark the lowest-grossing number one film since The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 topped charts for the fourth consecutive time on the weekend of Dec. 11th, a sign that blockbuster season is officially over despite the fact that summer hasn’t quite ended.”

The movie could have a good formula for success, Variety noted. Don’t Breathe follows a group of teenagers who break into a blind man’s home to steal money, but instead, they find themselves locked in battle with a still-very-skilled Iraq War veteran.

The film has already built up some good reviews and strong early buzz from screenings at Comic-Con and SXSW, the report noted, giving it the potential to be an end-of-summer surprise.

“I think it could surprise this weekend,” Shawn Robbins, senior analyst with BoxOffice.com, told Variety. “It’s been a slow and steady climb on social media and these low-budget to mid-budget horror films tend to do much better than expected.”

So even though there is no post-credits scene in Don’t Breathe, moviegoers will have at least one thing going for them — they’ll be able to get a head start in leaving the theater and heading to the car.

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