‘The Shallows’ Star Blake Lively On Her Post-Pregnancy Bikini Body

Blake Lively is one of those rare celebrities who, along with husband Ryan Reynolds, lives a relatively normal lifestyle and much about her lends to the idea that she’s a down-to-earth woman. Many people already envy Blake and Ryan for their seemingly near-perfect relationship, as well as looking up to Lively for her ability to shine in the spotlight without embracing Hollywood’s ideal image of the perfect woman. Now, Blake is sharing her own insecurities in that department with the hope that her female fans will feel more willing to embrace their bodies in spite of social pressures.

The Shallows Forced Blake Lively To Face Up To Her Insecurities

Blake is pregnant with her second baby, so she has babies on the brain lately, and as Glamour reveals, Ms. Lively has come to accept her pregnancy and post-pregnancy changes as normal parts of womanhood. That wasn’t always the case. Blake says she had just given birth to her first baby, James Reynolds, when she started filming The Shallows, a film that has Ms. Lively appearing in a bikini throughout most of the scenes.

“The struggle is that I am doing a movie in a bikini eight months after having a baby and there is a level of insecurity and vanity that comes with that,” admits Blake.

The Shallows actress admits she’s just vain enough that she worries how people will react to her image in magazines, just as many people might feel concern over being judged too harshly. She adds that there shouldn’t be that kind of shaming against a woman who had just given birth a few months earlier, but, sadly, there is that type of judging from the public and media.

“That’s a shame because there shouldn’t be that negative ‘ugh’ after someone has a baby,” says Ms. Lively. “Your body is so beautiful. You couldn’t walk a Victoria’s Secret runway, but it’s beautiful in a completely different and incredible way, and I do wish I had the bravery to go out there and represent women as they actually look.”

In spite of how she may have felt, fans of The Shallows agree that Lively looked amazing in the film and their compliments haven’t gone unnoticed by Blake. While The Shallows star was appreciative of the comments, she argues that the script and the direction was largely responsible, adding that shooting many of the scenes were very physically demanding.

“That movie was an athletic event as much as it was an acting job because they didn’t hire a stunt double until the last two weeks, so it was just insane underwater stunts,” Lively told Romper.

Blake adds that the only reason her body looked so taut only eight months after delivering James was because she was working with a fitness trainer. Ms. Lively says her trainer, Don Saladino, spent eight weeks “kicking my butt” to get her ready to film The Shallows.

Ryan Reynolds Tweets A Sweet Birthday Message To Billy Ray Cyrus

For fans of Ryan Reynolds, there’s no denying that the Deadpool actor has a refreshingly bold and dry sense of humor and, while his fans certainly appreciate that aspect of his personality, certainly no one gains as much joy from Reynolds’ wit as his own wife. InStyle reveals that Blake Lively was the subject of a recent tweet from Ryan in which he again shares his humor with Blake and with his Twitter followers. Apparently, Blake shares her birthday with country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus.

“Just want to wish Billy Ray Cyrus the most special, magical birthday ever. I love you with all my heart. Also, Happy Birthday to my wife,” tweeted Reynolds.

Blake Lively turns 29-years-old on Thursday, but, more importantly to Lively’s husband, Billy Ray Cyrus hits 55 this year.

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