Sonja Morgan Hints That Luann May Be Marrying The Wrong Guy After ‘RHONY’ Affair

Sonja Morgan has been keeping a low profile on this season of The Real Housewives of New York because she hasn’t gone through too many problems. In the past, Sonja has dealt with her bankruptcy drama, owing millions of dollars and wishing she was still married. However, Morgan started the season by dropping alcohol, focusing on her daughter and refocusing her business plans. Plus, Morgan has been a friend to her co-star, Luann de Lesseps, who needed a place to live after ending her relationship with Jacques last year.

According to a new Instagram post, Sonja Morgan is now reflecting on this season, as Luann fell in love with her ex-lover and then forgave him when he cheated on her. On Instagram, Morgan is now questioning whether Thomas is the kind of guy you would want to marry. Sonja has dated Thomas, and she had slept with him over several years. And it did sound like she would be open to dating him if he was ready to settle down with him.

“And there we were. Believe me, no one wants to discover those kind of photos. Especially Bethenny Frankel after her intuition. (And statements). I was angry with Tom for my own reasons. We had many mixed feelings among us. But this blew up the Popsicle stand!!! What are you feeling? There are guys you are ‘pals’ with and guys you marry. But how to choose?” Sonja Morgan revealed on Instagram after watching the season finale of the show, where Luann was clearly in denial about her future husband’s behavior.

While Sonja Morgan was clearly angry with D’Agostino for the way he treated her, she was also disappointed with her friend for pursuing a relationship with a man, who she had been sleeping with for years. Morgan may have been hoping that Thomas would come around, and they would pursue a relationship together. Sadly, that didn’t work out for her, and she was angry when she learned that Thomas had lied about how long they had known each other to comfort de Lesseps or to make her feel special. And this was clear on her own Twitter last night, as Luann was clearly in denial about the cheating.

“Finally #finale! Remember it was 6 months ago, Tom & I truly love each other. We worked it through and are stronger than ever! #LoveWins xo,” de Lesseps tweeted during the finale, sharing that she had forgiven Thomas for his cheating ways and they were still planning their wedding.

Even though Sonja Morgan has stayed out of the drama for the most part after dropping the alcohol, it does seem like Morgan’s friendship with Ramona Singer has suffered a bit. While they did get along during the finale, Sonja has been very vocal about how upset she has been with Ramona for the judgment about her drinking.

“Ramona is so tacky grabbing my drink. I’m not addicted to alcohol. Remember when I was able to sip champagne and wine in Turks and Caicos? Then Ramona is still mouthing off and being judgmental about exactly what she does: drinking and acting inappropriately. So I have stopped altogether. I would like to see her give up her steady Pinot habit. So rude. When did she become so high and mighty?” Sonja Morgan revealed in her Bravo blog, adding about she was treated herself, “I didn’t give Lu and Tom’s story to the press. I gave no comment as she asked. I never comment on divorce — BTW tacky.”

What do you think of Sonja Morgan’s comments about Thomas? Do you think he’s the right kind of guy for Luann to marry?

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