‘Summer Of Dreams’: Hallmark Movie — Debbie Gibson, 1980s Pop Sensation, Sings ‘Song Of Summer’ In New Flick

Summer Of Dreams is a special new movie that you Hallmark lovers will get to enjoy this weekend. In celebration of their first-ever “Summer Nights” movies, Summer Of Dreams tells the story of an aging 1980s pop star who desires to experience the success of her teens. The latest Hallmark flick is directed by Mike Rohl and written by Neal & Tippi Dobrofsky.

The cast stars of Summer Of Dreams, which was previously titled, Song Of Summer, Debbie Gibson as Debbie Taylor, Robert Gant as Noah, Pascale Hutton as Denise, Lane Edwards as Tim, Ken Trimblett as Ray, Lauren McNamara as Natalie, Zenia Marshall as Ashley, Mitchell Kummen as Johnny, Eric Gibson as Oliver, Anita Yung as Darryl, Olivia Ryan as Stern Kacey, Marcus Rosner as Liam, and Keenan Tracey as Dylan, according to It’s A Wonderful Movie.

Summer Of Dreams Movie Synopsis On Hallmark

Debbie Taylor, a once-popular 1980s pop star does her best to make a comeback, hoping to recapture her fading star. However, Debbie’s dreams of renewing her career are dashed after her record label, Metro Nation Records, tells her that they’ve decided to go in another direction. Not only does the record label cut ties with Debbie, but now she has lost her job. Desperate, she travels to Youngstown, Ohio, to visit her sister, who is surprised to see Debbie after so much time has passed.

Debbie and her sister have had sort of a strained relationship. Growing up, her sister remembers living in Debbie’s shadow while she was a teen star.

Today, Debbie seeks to reconnect with her sister to get back what they had lost. It is in Youngstown that Debbie is asked to substitute for a teacher in a music class at the local high school. With some convincing she finally accepts. But, it’s not what it appears. The teens of today are much different than they were when she was a teen, and she’s having a hard time fitting in.

Noah, the handsome and laid back guidance counselor, comes to the rescue and aids Debbie in reaching the hearts of her students. During this time, something wonderful happens — Noah becomes smitten with Debbie. Though he is aware that Debbie desperately wants to find her next hit, he helps her to see that she needs to find herself first.

Cast Bios — Summer Of Dreams On Hallmark

Actress And Singer Debbie Gibson

“For more than 25 years, Debbie Gibson has proven she’s an entertainer of immeasurable talent. A music prodigy, Gibson exploded on the Billboard Pop Charts at the tender age of 16 with the self-penned ‘Only In My Dreams.’ The ‘Original Pop Princess’ quickly became the youngest artist ever to write, produce and perform a No. 1 hit song, ‘Foolish Beat,’ and entered the Guinness Book of World Records. To date, she is still the youngest female to hold that record. Gibson has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide, performed for British Royalty and hosted ‘The American Music Awards,’ produced by friend and legend Dick Clark.”

Actor Robert Gant

“Robert Gant began acting in television commercials at the age of ten in his home state of Florida. Grant was cast in Showtime’s hit television series, ‘Queer as Folk.’ Prior to QAF, he recurred on the WB’s ‘Popular’ and on NBC’s ‘Caroline in the City.’ Gant has had many notable guest spots on such TV hits as ‘Friends,’ ‘Veronica’s Closet, ‘ ‘Becker,’ ‘Melrose Place,’ ‘Ellen,’ and ‘Providence.’ He also appeared in the independent films ‘The Contract,’ ‘Fits and Starts,’ and ‘Marie and Bruce.'”

Summer Of Dreams should be quite an enjoyable movie to watch. Having Debbie Gibson in the role is another special treat for Hallmark fans, who are made up of an older and more mature audience. Most fans will remember that singer Debbie Gibson was also once a popular teen star in the 1980s, according to People. Over the years, her popularity has faded–though she has continued to make beautiful music.

Billboard reports that you’ll hear a beautiful song titled, “Only In My Dreams,” by Debbie Gibson in the movie Summer Of Dreams, aka Song Of Summer. Get ready to enjoy a wholesome family movie about finding yourself in the strangest of places.

Summer Of Dreams premieres this Saturday, August 27, at 9/ p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel.


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