Leslie Jones Reacts To Nude Photos Leak: Devastated By Scandal As Katy Perry Defends Comedienne’s Privacy

Leslie Jones has reportedly reacted to the news that her nude photos have surfaced online through the reckless actions of a racist hacker, who went on to disturbingly brand the comedienne as a gorilla.

The 48-year-old, who has achieved tremendous success in the past couple of months, found herself in a shocking state when she was informed that her official website had been hacked into, with all of its content changed to nude photos of the actress.

According to Hollywood Life, Leslie Jones was stunned when she first heard about the nude scandal — she had been attacked by cyber bullies for months, but never in a million years did she think that her iCloud would be hacked and exposed for the entire world to see.

“She has been a mess since everything came out and has had some tears over it, but friends and SNL staff especially Lorne Michaels has been in contact with her and is making sure she gets all the help she needs,” a source tells the outlet.

As mentioned above, the entire Saturday Night Live team has tried to console Leslie Jones following the news of the nude photos scandal. Everyone over at SNL is deeply disturbed and sickened by the hacker’s actions and have assured the actress that they are supporting her with her clear intentions to get the FBI involved.

The breaching of Leslie’s privacy is a crime, to say the least, which execs over at SNL will be arguing once they’ve urged Leslie Jones to file a lawsuit upon finding the hacker who has dared themselves to be so reckless, racist, and unapologetic for their attack on the 48-year-old.

Being the comedienne that she is, “She is trying to make jokes about it, but she definitely is shell-shocked,” the insider continued. “She has reason to be rattled, as the hackers posted her passport and driver’s license information, and even more disturbingly included private photos from her iCloud that allegedly included graphic nude pics!”

The outlet concludes by saying that, while Leslie Jones has found herself experiencing a great amount of success as of late, she has consistently found herself being a target for online trolls. Jones has previously stated that she doesn’t make much of those who don’t like her, but there’s no doubt that Jones will take legal actions once the hacker has been identified by the FBI, it’s been revealed.

Leslie, who stars in the poorly-received remake of Ghostbusters, found herself in yet another racism scandal, with thousands of people questioning directors as to why they would not only focus their attention on an all-female cast but also make the decision to hire an African-American protagonist.

Despite all the negativity that Leslie Jones has found herself in, she continues to keep her head held high. Celebrities including Katy Perry have taken to their Twitter accounts to back the comedienne, the Daily Mail reveals, stressing that nobody should have their privacy violated by online hackers.

“Do not give your eyeballs to this racist, hate-filled, misogynoir crime. I #StandWithLeslie,” the “Rise” hitmaker tweeted, generating more than 20,000 retweets in an hour. The likes of Paul Feig and Gabourey Sidibe soon followed, sharing their disgust in seeing Leslie Jones face such abuse all while having her privacy breached.

What do you make of the Leslie Jones nude scandal?

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