Jenelle Evans Finally Confirms Pregnancy — ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Reveals Gender And Name

Jenelle Evans has been silent for several weeks regarding rumors she was pregnant. She all but confirmed it when she was in a car accident in July, quickly deleting the comments she made. Evans already has two boys and has had at least one abortion in between them. Her oldest resides with her mother and Kaiser lives with her and her current soulmate, David Eason.

There was talk that the Teen Mom 2 star would be announcing her pregnancy just before the VMAs this weekend. That plan was thwarted when information was leaked about how it would go down. According to Us Weekly, Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her third child. She is due in January, and will welcome a little girl this time. She took photos with David Eason to announce the gender, both parties wearing pink. They have announced the baby will be named Ensley Jolie Eason. No explanation on the name was given.

Fans are blown away by the fact that Jenelle Evans actually thought she could keep her pregnancy a secret. She immediately took to Twitter after the car accident in July to comment about how she wasn’t asked if she was okay but people decided to talk about what was in the report. It was revealed that she was roughly 10 weeks along at that point. Evans is going to be facing a lot of criticism with this pregnancy because it is her third child with a third man. She has raised Kaiser in her home since the beginning but has yet to get Jace back from Barbara.

There is speculation that the only reason Jenelle Evans was announcing the pregnancy is because she could no longer hide her bump. She wanted a huge reveal to go along with the VMAs, drawing attention to herself in an extravagant way. Because of the backlash she will likely receive, the next few days should be interesting on social media for Evans.

Last year, Jenelle Evans was still with Nathan Griffith at this point. The two had a violent relationship which carried over when he left her to be with Jessica Henry. Jenelle caught a charge for throwing a glass at Henry when she showed up at her place to help Griffith gather his stuff. David Eason has only been in the picture for a little less than a year. He moved in with Evans last December, and they have been inseparable ever since. Initially, Barbara was not thrilled with Eason, but she has since come to accept he is a part of her daughter’s life.

Teen Mom 2 is officially filming again, and Jenelle Evans’ pregnancy will be a huge part of the next season. It will likely air sometime in the fall or early winter. The reality star has reportedly bought some property that she hopes to build a house on someday. There have been photos on social media of the place. Evans seems happy with David Eason, but that was also the case with Nathan Griffith.

Now that Jenelle Evans has confirmed she is expecting another child and did her gender and name reveal, things may start to calm down for her. She is upset that fans voice their opinions about her life but because of who she is, there is nothing that will change it. Starring on Teen Mom 2 has made her a target for ridicule, and she either has to put up with it or shut her social media accounts down. They say the third time is a charm so perhaps Jenelle Evans will get her happy ending with David Eason and the little family they have built over the last year.

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