‘Guardians’ Movie Trailer: Is 2017 Russian Superhero Film A Syfy ‘Sharknado 4’ Equivalent? How Do Marvel And DC Comics Movies Compare?

The Guardians movie trailer, a 2017 foreign film, has been released via Official Russian Trailers’ YouTube channel, and with it comparisons have been made to the Syfy brand of movies. The title is translated to English from Zashchitniki.

How much can it compare to the CGI special effects animation of the Marvel and DC comics movies? It is quite impressive and since Marvel movies are being released globally, Russia is jumping on the bandwagon.

American Marvel/DC Movies Vs. Foreign Superhero Movies

The Guardians movie trailer elicited a reaction video from YouTuber Tyrone Magnus, who gave his take and said it was a “slight notch above a good Syfy channel movie.” However, Tyrone thought the CGI was sub-par in comparison with United States superhero movies.

“I’ve noticed, that I think man, America is just on top of the special effects and all that s**t. Like I think we probably put out the best d**m movies, special effects-wise, in the world. I’ve seen some stuff from China and Japan and Bollywood. Indians. I’ve seen THAT actually be pretty much on par
or very close to some American movies in special effects. And now this is literally, I think, the first Russian film that I’ve ever seen anything for, and for what it is, it looks very, VERY interesting and Tyrone Magnus does want to see it.”

So he was impressed.

Warning: The following video contains some profanity.


Sharknado was a big hit and is on its fourth movie sequel, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, starring Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy. The movie trailer seems to convey it’s in the same wheelhouse. So would it stand to reason that the Guardians movie will be successful? A film about sharks flying around the sky in weather vortexes is a unique combination, but the Russian superhero movie offers up the typical and interesting synopsis that seems to run in the similar wheel house of the MCU and DC Comics movies.

Here’s the Guardians movie synopsis per the New Trailer Buzz YouTube Channel.

“During the Cold War, an organization called “Patriot” created a super-hero squad, which includes members of multiple soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identities, but in hard times they must show themselves again.”

This premise sounds similar to that of X-Men: First Class, where they had their dealings in the Atlantic Ocean during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but the interesting slant on this is that it’s occurring in mother Russia. It would also make sense to hide identities, as in any superhero movie, to only later reveal themselves once again to fulfill their purpose. The 20th Century Fox X-Men mutants started popping up in the same era. So it sounds like a similar time period with the Russian Guardians movie.

There’s also the MCU having to hold accountable the Avengers team since the events that transpired during the Sokovia Accords. Basically, the politics are also similar as Russia has their own version of S.H.I.E.L.D. called “Patriot” as mentioned in the synopsis. Will the Guardians eventually partake in collateral civilian damage, too?

Russian/Foreign Film Version Of Fantastic Four/Avengers?

From the movie trailer, the four superheroes seem to serve Russia’s different nationalities. The interesting half-man/half-bear character could have come from a race of his kind or is possibly the result of some cataclysmic accident. The bear itself ties deep into the real-world culture of the Soviet Union, which is why they have their symbol emboldened into Guardians.

The Man Helming The Iron Curtain

Sarik Andreasyan is the director of this fantastical flick and also has an American helming credit that goes to American Heist. The movie starred Adrien Brody, Star Wars prequels’ Hayden Christensen, and Fast 8’s Jordana Brewster.

The Guardians movie is set to be released in Russia on February 23, 2017, and the United States in the same year. How do you think they’ll fair with the Marvel and DC Comics movies?

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