‘General Hospital’ Comings And Goings: September Will See Two Favorites Coming Back And One Leaving [Spoilers]

There has been a lot of comings and goings lately on General Hospital, which means that things can always change in an instant. Viewers have already heard that Tristan Rogers will be returning soon to his role as Robert Scorpio, but there are two other actors who will be showing up as well. Unfortunately, there is another favorite who will be leaving for a little bit.

Let’s first get to the good news. Soaps In Depth had announced on Wednesday that fan-favorite actor, Bradford Anderson, is making his return to General Hospital in September. It seems that he just can’t stay away, and that is great for viewers. His character of Damian Spinelli has been so well loved by viewers, and they were sad when he left the soap, but the good news is that he is always open to coming back when the opportunity presents itself and here it is again.

Why is Spinelli returning to Port Charles now? There are a few good mysteries going on, and he is an expert in detective work and computers. General Hospital is keeping mum right now on what brings him back, but there are several things that Spinelli could be involved in. Is he coming back to attend the wedding of Jason and Sam? Of course, these two lovebirds probably won’t have a big wedding, but it is a good time for Spin to help them celebrate their future together, and he will be especially thrilled to learn that there is another baby Morgan on the way.

There is also the hospital serial killer on the loose, so maybe Spinelli will be helping to solve that mystery. However, the most likely scenario that may bring him back is for Maxie Jones, his ex and mother of his child. He may be bringing little Georgie back for a visit just when Maxie could use a shoulder to cry on. She and Spin have a long history together, and now that she may not be marrying Nathan West after all, he could be there to comfort her and possibly to give her some sound advice on what to do. Whatever the reason is for his return, it will be great to have Bradford back on screen once again. Look for him to return on September 2.

Another fan-favorite that is returning to General Hospital for a short stint is Wally Kurth. The longtime soap actor is coming back to his role as Ned Ashton, as reported by Soap Opera Digest. He is doing dual roles as he also plays Justin Kiriakis on Days of our Lives, but he is up to doing double-duty. He said that he loves doing both roles.

“I’m excited that I get to do both shows. I love being able to do both characters, Ned and Justin.”

Will Ned be returning to Port Charles because of his mom Tracy Quartermaine? She is doing good after her health crisis with worms on her brain, and that was the last time Ned was seen. He could just be coming for a visit to check up on her. However, Alexis Davis is on a downward spiral right now, and she could use a friend. She and Ned have known each other for years. Maybe he will talk some sense into her and be there for her just when she needs one. He could also be around for Olivia Falconeri as well. Kurth will be on screen sometime next month.

Who will be leaving General Hospital? Actress Genie Francis will be stepping away from her role as Laura Spencer, but only for a short time. No reason was given as to why she has chosen now to be off the soap as her character has just started a brand new relationship with Kevin Collins. But the good news is that it is not permanent. She is expected to make it back later in September.

There should be a reason why Laura is absent, so maybe something will come up that will have her heading out of town. It could have something to do with Nikolas or possibly to get the goods on Hayden. Or maybe she and Kevin will hit a snag in their new relationship already as Laura is expected to discover something that has her a little upset. General Hospital spoilers say that she will confront Kevin about something. What does she find out?

While viewers are thrilled to have both Wally Kurth and Bradford Anderson back for a short time, they may not be happy about having Genie Francis gone now that she finally has some juicy story lines lately. Hopefully, she will be back as planned and her new pairing with Kevin will not be over before it has begun.

Do you think any of the current storylines on General Hospital will be the reason these actors will be coming back? What will drive Laura off screen for a month?

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