‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2016 Spoilers: Complete Order Of Entries And Rose Ceremony Eliminations After Episode 5

This third season of Bachelor In Paradise may honestly be one of the most dramatic and chaotic ever, but it’s likely also paving the way for more next year. With just two episodes remaining in this season, there are a lot of people that remain on the show and a few more still heading into Mexico come Episode 5 on Monday night. Many of them will have to go home, though, and here are the rose ceremony eliminations for the rest of this year’s BIP.

Spoiler alert: Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Episode 5 airing on Monday will see a few new people joining the fray, but none of them will stick around a long time. Tiara Soleim, Lauren Himle, and Jami Letain all arrive in Mexico and are gone by the time the rose ceremony elimination ends.

Shushanna Mkrtychyan also arrives as reported by Reality Steve, but she only lasts until the cocktail party. That’s when she decides that Bachelor In Paradise is far too stupid for her, so she hightails it out of there all on her own.

During the show, Izzy will also leave before the rose ceremony elimination as will Caila Quinn. With Caila leaving, that means Jared Haibon isn’t far behind her and he takes off as well, which causes the remaining list of cast members to become much smaller.

Once the rose elimination ceremony arrives, Brett doesn’t give out his rose so he has to leave and that will get the final number down to 10 people — five women and five men.

Week 6: Season Finale – September 5 and 6, 2016

On the season finale, there will be five couples starting things and each receiving the opportunity to see if their chosen partner is right for them. No new faces are going to be arriving in Mexico after Episode 5, that’s the last time anyone unexpected is going to appear on the show.

Right away, as reported by Reality Steve, Chris Harrison will explain the rules and let each of the couples know what’s in store for them. As soon as this takes place, Wells and Ashley realize they simply aren’t meant to be and break it off which isn’t overly shocking for anyone who has watched this season at all.

The other four couples go on the overnight dates and shortly after that, Nick and Jen go their separate ways in an amicable fashion. Considering Nick had such strong feelings for Amanda, this was also not a very shocking move.

The three couples that end the whole thing engaged are:

  • Grant Kemp and Lace Morris
  • Evan Bass and Carly Waddell
  • Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton

Of those three couples, it is believed that a couple of them could have a lot of time together in the future and go through with a wedding. Carter Matt reports that Josh and Amanda are not only going well but that “things are going amazing” between them.

It’s hard to really say that the third season of Bachelor In Paradise has been overly realistic because it most certainly has not been. People do believe that love at first sight is something that does exist, but the dynamics of the show make it hard for that to happen. Still, there are three couples that found their “true love” and are now engaged to be married after all the rose ceremony eliminations. Those relationships lasting is what remains to be seen.

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