Larry King: Wife Allegedly Caught In X-Rated Cheating Scandal, King Is ‘Embarrassed And Confused,’ Caught Racy Texts And Nude Photos

Larry King is reportedly devastated after his seventh wife, Shawn, is allegedly caught in an X-rated cheating scandal. Rumors claim that Shawn King was caught sending racy texts and nude photos to a man she was allegedly having an affair with for about a year.

Larry King, 82, and his wife, Shawn, 57, had been married for 19 years. The couple were married in 1997.

King apparently caught one text exchange where Shawn spoke about wanting to leave Larry, per Daily Mail.

“I would leave Larry because he killed out romance years ago, and my boys [Chance and Cannon] didn’t do anything to deserve to be raises by a [redacted] who indulges them at every turn.”

Larry and Shawn King both filed for divorce in 2010 amidst claims she had an affair with their sons’ baseball coach and he had slept with her sister. The two apparently reconciled and had lived with their two teenage sons.

Although this is just one of his many wives, sources close to King say that he is heartbroken.

“He is heartbroken. He’s embarrassed and furious.”

In one of the texts found, King’s wife said that her husband seemed to know about the rumored affair.

“Larry made another joke about me having an affair last night… He said I looked cute in my glasses like a school teacher… having an affair with one of my students.

“He senses a shift in me.”

In July, King’s wife allegedly texted her lover a seductive nude photo.


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The man in question apparently referred to one hookup between the two as the “Sleep WITH a King” campaign. Her lover is rumored to be a notorious Hollywood Don Juan.

Shawn King allegedly continued to trash her husband in a series of sex-filled text messages and X-rated video chats.

Her Don Juan insisted that he did not believe she would really leave her husband for him.

“We’ll just have to see what happens, won’t we?”

In one longer message to the man, she pleaded for him to get rid of their explicit exchanges.

“I’m sure you have a library filled to the brim with photos of women. They deserve your attention. I’m most sincerely asking you to delete our private photos and video. Please. You have no need for them. If they ever got out, it would hurt my boys so deeply. I could never forgive myself. And we don’t know where our paths will ultimately lead us. Different seasons and circumstances may even bring us back together one day… I took the biggest risk of my life and gave you my heart.”

Larry and Shawn King recently attended a UN event together on August 10 with no sign of trouble for the couple.

At the age of 82, Larry King shows no signs of slowing down. The radio and television broadcasting legend has been a talk show host in one form or another for decades.

Larry King was the first person reported to serve as host of a nationally broadcast show on the Mutual Network. He was also the first to present a cable television show, Larry King Live on CNN, that was viewed by people worldwide.

By 2017, Larry King will have been on air for an amazing 60 years.

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