Alex Woytkiw, Christian Bishop Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Appear Live With Tomi Lahren, Reality Steve

Tomi Lahren is a broadcast journalist well known for her Final Thought videos that tell it like it is. Today Lahren stretched away from the controversial topics she generally covers to talk with Reality Steve and two favorites from last season of The Bachelorette, Christian Bishop and Alex Woytkiw. Lahren grilled Alex and Christian about their time on the show, their current dating situation, and who they think will be the next Bachelor. Reality Steve was there to weigh in on his thoughts about his spoilers and the contestants.

The interview took place via Facebook Live and featured Steve in studio with Lahren while Alex and Christian were live via Skype from California. They started off with Steve giving a little background information into how he began writing spoilers for the show on his popular blog, Reality Steve. He shared that Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor was the first season he spoiled. The rest is history from there.

Alex and Christian became friends during Season 12 of The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher. What fans did not know is that Alex has since become friends with Tomi through Twitter. Woytkiw, a former marine, sent Tomi a tweet, she noticed and the two began messaging each other. Alex and Tomi are both strong supporters of the military and veterans. Now Alex and Christian have teamed up with Tomi to give fans the scoop on the show and some circulating rumors.

Woytkiw has just recently separated from the Marine Corps and is hoping that the experience he has had on the show will give him a voice to speak out for veterans and even active duty military. Alex has said he cares about veterans and everything that they, including his friends, have gone through. Woytkiw hopes to be a part of something bigger than The Bachelorette. Having survived multiple deployments himself, Alex wants to be a voice for those who don’t have one because he can relate to what they may be going through.

Lahren then asked Alex how he felt about villain Chad Johnson also being a former Marine. Woytkiw answered by saying he would never take away someone’s title that they have earned, but that Johnson was not what the Marine Corps represents and stands for. He went on to say he felt Chad was exploiting his military title on social media and there was really no backstory to his claims. Alex thought upon meeting Johnson that the two would be great friends, that obviously did not happen and the two shared no core values. Lahren took to her Twitter after the interview to give kudos to Alex. She shared the respect she has for Woytkiw and said he’s not just that Bachelorette guy, Alex is a United States Marine.

Tomi also questioned Alex about why he did not appear on Bachelor in Paradise. Woytkiw said he chose to not appear on the show because he felt it would have been a waste of time emotionally. Alex did not know who would be appearing and felt he had a better chance of meeting someone in California. Lahren also addressed circulating rumors that Alex has been dating Izzy Goodkind from Bachelor in Paradise. Alex squashed those rumors saying he has met someone and it is not her. Christian backed Alex’s story saying he is very excited about this new mystery lady in his life.

Lahren also spoke to the two men about how dating has changed for them since filming the show. Christian shared that having been on the reality show definitely adds a new layer to dating. He said he understands why those in the entertainment world choose to date others in the same field. It can be tough to identify someone being genuine after being in the spotlight. Tomi also grilled Christian on Sarah Heron, asking if he has messaged her since his departure from paradise. Bishop remained classy in sharing that he has not been in contact with her. Christian also revealed he had resigned from his job to go on Bachelor in Paradise and going home so soon was definitely hard.

Lahren finished out the interview by asking Alex and Christian who they thought would be a good choice to be the next Bachelor. Christian voted for Robby and Chase, while Alex admitted he felt Chase McNary was prepared and ready. Reality Steve commented that he believes the new leading man will be Luke Pell. Alex and Christian had no confirmation for fans, but Christian jokingly teased Steve about being wrong before with his Caila Quinn Bachelorette prediction. The question will be put to rest when the next Bachelor is officially revealed in a few weeks. In the meantime, fans can continue to see which couples will survive Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.

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