Bella Pendergast: Does Bella Thorne’s Girlfriend Have A Boyfriend?

Bella Thorne’s love life has become confusing for her fans and it’s not because of her sexuality. Shortly after the former Disney star admitted she’s bisexual on Twitter, fans have been trying to figure out the details of her rumored girlfriend.

One thing is clear, and that is Bella Thorne is bisexual. The actress simply responded to a fan’s question on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, August 23, after photos of her kissing a girl surfaced on social media. Thorne, 19, responded with a resounding, “Yes.”

After Thorne received support from her fans, she took to Twitter to thank them.

“Aww thank you for all the accepting tweets from everyone,” she tweeted. “I love you guys.”

According to Mashable, the girl in question happens to be Bella Pendergast, who is Remy Thorne’s ex-girlfriend.

Until mid-June, Thorne was dating British actor Gregg Sulkin, and her older brother, Remy Thorne, was dating Bella Pendergast. Since both of their relationships ended, the Bellas have gotten closer to one another. And fans were even shipping the two Bellas, especially after Thorne referred to Pendergast as her “soulmate.” Meanwhile, Pendergast took to social media to share a photo of the bouquet of flowers she received from her “girlfriend.”

But, the story gets even more confusing. Either both of the Bellas are just super close friends or if they are in an open/polyamorous relationship that allows them to date other people. Pendergast’s boyfriend posted a photo of him with her shortly after Thorne’s fans assumed that the two friends were dating.

According to a report via Hollywood Life, Pendergast has known Thorne since they were 15-years-old. They have been photographed hanging out in the past before. But, it was the friends’ hiking videos and photos that had fans wondering if they are more than just good friends.

It looks like Pendergast still has a boyfriend. A guy named Bram Kolber is seen in various photos posted to both her Instagram and Twitter accounts, with captions that make it clear that the two are in a serious relationship. And, according to both her Instagram and Twitter pages, Pendergast loves animals. She is an Animal Science (Pre-Vet) student at UC Dais in California and she rides horses and even competes on her free time.

Before dating Kolber, she used to date Thorne’s little brother, Remy, as previously noted. She made it no secret that the two were dating, as she would post several photos of the two together on her social media pages. When Pendergast dated him, she became super close with Thorne, and they have been close ever since.

Just weeks ago, Thorne declared her love for Pendergast in an Instagram post, according to the Huffington Post. She captioned a photo of the two jumping into a pool together hand-in-hand.

“I love you to the moon and back @bellapendergast the love you have for animals is the love I have for you so you can put it in perspective,” she wrote below the slow-motion clip of the girls having fun.

However, it’s unclear if Thorne and Sulkin, 24, actually split because of her blossoming relationship with Pendergast. She told fans that there are no hard feelings between the two and that she still loves him.

There are also rumors swirling that Thorne only came out because of Kristen Stewart’s candid story about her same-sex relationship with Alicia Cargile. An alleged insider told Hollywood Life that, “Bella was inspired by her contemporary Kristen to reveal her sexual preference.” Gossip Cop says that online tabloid tale is “completely untrue.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Bella Thorne and Bella Pendergast are dating? Sound off below in the comments section.

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