Jhonni Blaze Beating Photo: ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Houston’ Star Shares Picture Of Tooth Knocked Out, Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Of Beating And Choking Her

Jhonni Blaze has released a photo allegedly showing a beating she suffered from her former boyfriend, one that left the singer and reality star bruised and with a broken tooth.

The Love & Hip-Hop: Houston star took to social media on Wednesday to claim that her ex-boyfriend pushed a bottle in her mouth, knocking out her front teeth. While Jhonni Blaze didn’t name her attacker, she linked to his Instagram page and called him out in a lengthy description about the attack (via BET).

“I guess I pushed the bottle in my own mouth @misterstarquality you took my password to my social media had my phone password tried to take over my whole life and destroy my as a person choken me for 12 seconds and thought flowers were ok to do everyone saying where my bruises LOOK AT MY F*****G MOUTH!”

Jhonni Blaze went on to say that she decided not to call police after the incident but leveled some other public allegations against the former boyfriend, saying he “told me to kill myself” and that when she nearly did die from a suicide attempt, “you snapped a picture and Sent it to the blods and pretended not to know where it came from.”

There had already been plenty of attention on the troubled relationship after Jhonni Blaze’s suicide attempt back in July. A report from Starcasm claimed that the reality star tried to take her own life while she was in the middle of filming for Love & Hip Hop Houston.

A tweet from Love & Hip Hop insider Fameolous claimed that she”attempted suicide over her boyfriend, who hs put her through hell.”

Jhonni Blaze is certainly no stranger to controversy, even before the recent photo showing her alleged domestic abuse. The Love & Hip-Hop: Houston star has been particularly popular with tabloids, even among a show that generates plenty of headlines from gossip magazines and websites.

That was the case last year when she decided to share a nude photo of her new breast implants. Blaze also spoke to VladTV about her decision to get liposuction, saying she wasn’t feeling any pressure and did it for herself.

“The two main reasons I’m going for surgery again is because I have gained weight and I’m going to the gym now and I just want to go back for myself to slim back down because I have gained weight due to depression when my dude passed away. I gained the weight over the time and not caring about myself as much as my image.”

Before that, Jhonni Blaze made headlines when she appeared in a leaked sex tape, one that she told VladTV was never supposed to be released. She told the outlet that she wasn’t exactly ashamed of it, but still hadn’t planned for the world to see it.

“I’m very sarcastic, joking-wise I guess you could say, but I mean the tape was never supposed to be leaked. Was something that I felt once it came out, I would never try to hide anything from people … so why not embarrass myself and put everything out.”

“Whether you think it sucked or whatever, whether it makes you not want to date me that’s great because now it’s less guys wanting to talk to me.”

She went on to say that someone was threatening to release the supposedly private tape to the public, so Jhonni decided to release it herself.

After the latest picture showing the results of her beating, Jhonni Blaze has not said if it will affect her shooting for Love & Hip-Hop: Houston or any of her other ongoing projects.

[Image via Instagram]

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