iOS 10 Vs. Android 7 Nougat: See How Each OS Stacks Up Against The Other, Galaxy 7 Vs. iPhone 7 Comparison

iPhones and Androids seem to be locked in a never-ending battle of “anything you can do, I can do better.” Though Android is several years behind Apple in actual age, both companies’ operating systems (iOS 10 and Android Nougat) for mobile are relatively similar. However, Android has a reputation for allowing more flexibility inside its OS, while Apple is your best bet if you want a phone that’s reliable and secure. With that in mind, here’s how Android Nougat and Apple’s iOS 10 compare to one another.


As Business Insider will tell you, Android 7 (or Android N) lets you switch between your two most recent apps by double-tapping the recent apps button. Apple introduced multi-tasking to its iPad Pro models this year, but iPad Pros on iOS 10 aren’t necessarily as powerful at multitasking as their Droid counterparts. If you want shortcuts galore, Android N’s power flexibility is the way to go.


The Verge mentions that notifications also gain more power thanks to Android Nougat. When you get a message of any kind, you’ll now be able to pull down on the bubble to write back without having to enter an app. Again, it’s Android’s openness and flexibility that allows for this. iOS 10 shows no signs of allowing users to quick reply without having to first open an app. Sorry, Siri.

Quick Settings

In Android 7, you’ll find that you can customize your quick settings, TechRadar notes. These are the handy little icons that appear when you swipe down the center of your home screen. iPhones have quick settings, too, but Apple dictates what goes where, and that can’t be changed. If you boot up a device on Android N, you’ll think your settings did yoga, they’re so flexible.


Both iOS and Android are giving their messages a makeover as well, according to Trustedreviews. iOS 10 users will be able to use icons and animations in iMessages, while Team Nougat will get an all-new app that lets users book reservations and more right from the messaging system. This could possibly be done as an extension of the current system in place on Android and iOS, which hyperlinks, event dates, and times, and lets you add them to your calendar with a single tap.

Battery Life

Users of both companies have long been concerned about better battery life on their Android or Apple devices, and it seems Google and Apple are hearing those concerns. Nougat has a feature called Doze that will automatically put your phone into low-power mode if it senses it’s in your pocket, according to USA Today. Likewise, iPhones have had decent battery life for some time now, and Apple introduced a new option to turn off motion parallax in iOS 7. This option disables animations when moving between screens, possibly one of the most draining features.

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To Float Or Not To Float

Make Use Of noted that Galaxy S7 devices possess the Floating Window feature. This shiny-but-useful improvement is like having Picture-In-Picture on your phone, letting one app “float” above all others. It can be useful if, for instance, you need to run numbers from a website while using your calculator and don’t want to look back and forth. iPhone 7’s do not currently possess any form of multi-tasking, but it’s possible we could see them in future models.

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Need A Lyft? Ask Siri!

Despite not having multi-tasking, iOS 10 levels the playing field in other categories. Possibly anticipating Google’s book-a-reservation-from-your-messaging app, Apple has made Siri play nice with a number of apps. For instance, you can ask Siri to “get me a Lyft” when you need a ride or send money to someone using the SquareSpace app. No more worrying about forgetting your wallet!

You can accomplish similar things through Apple’s Maps application as well. Tapping on a restaurant will open the option to book a reservation with OpenTable, for example.

Google’s Answer To Siri

By comparison, Google Now can book reservations and other similar appointments using the power of apps. This has been in place through many versions of Android, but keeps improving with each new generation. Google suggests apps depending on what you’re looking for and can even get a sense of what that is using just keywords. As an illustration, if you ask it for “best way to manage my music collection,” the mobile assistant might suggest Google Play and Amazon Music, and then give you direct links to download said applications.

Crowd goers at Lollapalooza use their Galaxy S7 to record the stage. [Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

Okay, Enough About Features! Which Is Faster?

In a test done by Phone Arena, phones were assigned “points” to measure their fastness. The Galaxy S7 accumulated 145,143 points to the iPhone 6S Plus’ 58,664. Given that rumors are suggesting the iPhone 7 won’t be much faster than its predecessors, it’s safe to assume the Galaxy wins out for speed. However, the iPhone 7 is also said to be using a new processor, so only time can say for sure.

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