Mindy Kaling Prefers Blondes

Mindy Kaling has said she prefers blondes, revealing to Us Weekly that her ideal guy would have looks similar to Chris Pine (who, the last time I checked, veers far more toward brunette) and Chris Evans. In other news, Mindy Kaling apparently digs guys called Chris, a choice I can only applaud her for.

Kaling, the 33-year-old creator and star of The Mindy Project, told Us Weekly:

“I have taste in men like an adolescent girl. I embarrassingly love blond men – hot pinups like Chris Evans and Chris Pine. I feel like people expect me to have an edgy choice, like Justin Theroux, and I’m just like, ‘Nope! I want Captain America!’ “

Mindy Kaling’s taste for blondes wasn’t the only thing discussed in the interview. The actress, who portrayed Kelly Kapoor in the US version of The Office, also chatted about the similarities between herself and Ob-Gyn, her alter ego on The Mindy Project:

“We both have an encyclopedic knowledge of romantic Tom Hanks movies!”

Yet there is one part of Ob-Gyn she can’t match up to:

“I’m a lot more square than her. I’ve never drank the way she does. I’m really a nerd. I go to bed pretty early. Even when I went to Dartmouth – which is a pretty big drinking school – I never took part in anything like that. I was too scared of my parents’ reaction.”

While she was a hit in The Office, it seems Kaling’s latest show has not won over critics in the same way. Are you a Mindy Kaling fan?

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