Did Jill Dillard Return To Arkansas To Get Pregnant Away From Zika Outbreak? Dillards Are Trying For More Children

With the new season of Counting On right around the corner, TLC is wasting no time promoting the new season with a series of “teaser” videos. The Duggar family has made two big announcements leading into the series premiere: Jinger Duggar is getting married and Jessa Seewald is expecting baby number two.

However, there is also some interesting news coming from Jill Dillard, who recently arrived back in Arkansas after 10 months in Central America in the mission field. Many had speculated that Jill Dillard may be holding off on getting pregnant due to the Zika virus outbreak in Central America. However, Jill seemingly squashed those rumors when she told cameramen that they are trying for a second child and expect to have one in the next year.

Jill tells the camera in a promo video for Counting On that they are hoping for another child in the near future. Jill indicated that they are trying for baby number two.

“We are hoping to have a child in the near future.”

In the conversation, Derick Dillard noted that he believes the pair will have another child within a year.

“I think we’ll have another kid by next year.”

If Derick’s statements are any indication, it seems that Jill and Derick are hoping to conceive within the next three months to ensure another baby within the year. However, with the pair living in Central America for mission work, having a baby would be against the advice of medical professionals and the CDC.

The Zika virus outbreak in Central America has left health officials warning of the potential for birth defects such as microcephaly in infants born to mothers infected with the Zika virus. Therefore, health officials have told women of childbearing age to refrain from getting pregnant until the virus is under control.

Therefore, it would seem that Jill and Derick Dillard are either going to disregard the CDC warnings and continue to attempt to expand their family while returning to the mission field in Central America, or the family may secretly have no intention of leaving Arkansas within the next 12 months, giving Jill time to conceive and birth the baby before returning to the Zika-infected area.

Jill Dillard may be feeling the pressure to have another baby as she made it clear early in her marriage that she wanted a large family. With sister Jessa Seewald announcing she is pregnant with baby number two, Jill may be feeling the need to play catch up in the baby department.

Jessa Seewald recently announced to fans that Spurgeon will be a big brother. Jessa gave birth in a televised special last November, and it seems the young couple wasted no time planning for another child. Jessa has not disclosed how far along she is in this pregnancy but indicated that she has not had an ultrasound to determine gender yet.

The Duggar family is rapidly expanding with new babies on the horizon and another marriage. The Duggars announced that Jinger Duggar will be marrying Jeremy Vuolo this year and are quickly making the wedding plans. Therefore, Duggar fans will have another Duggar daughter to put on baby bump watch in the very near future.

Although Jill Dillard doesn’t have any new baby news, she seems supportive of her sisters Jessa and Jinger as they share their big news.

Do you Jill Dillard returned to Arkansas to conceive and birth a baby before returning to Central America, or do you think she will take the risks and continue her pregnancy plans in Central America? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Derick Dillard/Instagram]

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