Connie Britton Could Be Leaving ‘Nashville’: What Is Going On With Show?

Fans were really excited when they heard the news that Nashville was picked up by CMT and would be back on television once again after ABC canceled it. The news came out that the show was coming back, and a few actors and actresses would be moving on. Connie Britton was one of the big names that the show was able to keep. Now it turns out that Connie Britton might be leaving, as well. EW shared the news about what is going on with Connie now.

It was revealed today that Nashville would start airing on CMT on January 5, 2017. This will be Season 5, and it turns out that this will probably be the last season for Connie Britton. The show has to have great ratings for CMT to pick it up for another season after this one if Connie leaves the show. So far, Connie is only signed on for 10 episodes of the new season that will start airing in January. A source close to the show says they are hoping to get Connie Britton to sign on for more and stick around. Right now this deal is not totally final. Hayden Panettiere is fully on board for Nashville Season 5.

Right now, Nashville has been picked up for 22 episodes. This would mean that Connie Britton would be on less than half of the show. There are still a lot of stories to tell without her, but Connie’s character is one of the main reasons people watch the show, and it just won’t be the same if they can’t get her to sign up for more. Hopefully, they can find a way to work it out.

When it comes to what Rayna James will be doing in Season 5, it was shared that Rayna will end up crossing paths with a wealthy app developer who wants to introduce her music to a new generation. It turns out that these are not the only plans he has for Connie Britton’s character, though.

Will Chase and Aubrey Peeples have already confirmed that they are leaving the show. The idea of these two not in Nashville is a bit surprising, but it won’t be hard for the show to go on without them. The show without Connie Britton would be a lot harder. You can’t just let someone else play Rayna James.

ET shared what Connie Britton had to say when she found out that Nashville was canceled. This was all before CMT decided to pick it back up. From what she said then, it is pretty surprising that Connie would not be excited about being back on the show. Here is what Connie had to say at the time.

“You know, I was not necessarily surprised. And, so, I try to really put a silver lining on it and just say, ‘Hey, we got four years out of it and I really really value the experience.”

At the time, Connie didn’t seem totally sure that the show wouldn’t get picked up somewhere else. Luckily, this ended up happening, and Britton had a job once again. Now it will be up to her to decide if she wants to stay or decide to move on to something else. It will be a hard decision for her either way, obviously.

Are you shocked to hear that Connie Britton won’t be back for all of Season 5 of Nashville? Do you think that they should do anything they can to get her to stay? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Nashville when they start airing in January on CMT. This looks like it will be a great season even though the show was originally canceled.

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