Lance Easley, Replacement Ref Behind Packers-Seahawks Controversy, Parties With Green Bay Fan

Lance Easley, the replacement ref who was behind one of the worst calls in NFL history when he incorrectly awarded Seattle Seahawks a game-winning touchdown against the Green Bay Packers, has been snapped partying … with a Packers fan.

Easley has received death threats for his decision to award a touchdown to Seattle on a game-ending Hail Mary pass. Yet that hasn’t stopped the 52-year-old from letting his hair down; he was snapped with a number of female admirers while socializing at the Club Habanos bar in the central California city of Fresno. And a second picture shows Easley with his arm around a young lady wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey (above). Oops.

The NY Daily News reports how another woman at the venue, Elba Reyna, tweeted that Easley told her he was a substitute ref and a banker at Bank of America. In a tweet that has since disappeared, the 23-year-old Reyna said, “I think he said he will be reffing in Detroit this weekend.” She added that Lance Easley also boasted about being “the substitute ref every football fan in America was talking about.”

Easley made his now-infamous call on Monday night, declaring a hotly contested, last-second endzone pass a touchdown. The result of that decision was a Seahawks victory and legions of incensed NFL players and fans across the country.

Fortunately for football fans, it’s looking more likely than ever that Easley and his fellow replacement refs will not be officiating Week 4 games; an ESPN report claims that the NFL and the NFL Referees Association have made progress in settling the contract dispute that has prevented 121 NFL refs from refereeing games this season. There’s a chance the officials could be back in time for the weekend.

A crew of referees is expected to officiate Thursday night’s game between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens. Here’s hoping they’re more choosy about who they party with after the game.

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