‘Rings’ Trailer: Aimee Teegarden Wakes Samara And Pays The Price [Video]

Samara, that lovely orphan from The Ring (2002) and The Ring II (2005), is back to wreak more vengeance on the unsuspecting living in Rings, all thanks to Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights). Paramount Pictures has dropped the first trailer for Rings, and it tells the story of the third installment of The Ring franchise pretty accurately, revealing enough of the story to explain how the film picks up after the events of The Ring II. The trailer also gives a good glimpse at how Rings updates Samara’s story 11 years later.

Rings Brings Samara Back And She’s Still Only Giving Seven Days

Remember when Naomi Watts’s character realizes that Samara “just wants to be heard” in the first adaptation of Ringu? Well, she wants to be heard again and, as Rolling Stone reveals in sharing the new Rings trailer, she wants to be heard on a much larger scale. No more will Samara be content to spread her special message one videotape at a time. Now, Rings updates the terror by making use of new technology and the world wide web to help Samara go viral.

Matilda Lutz opens the box when she awakens Samara in Rings‘ opening scenes, which ultimately leads Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) to become involved in Samara’s web of homemade movies and death. Hoping to save Gabriel, Aimee Teegarden steps up and takes one for the team, but, as she watches the video, which is now being sent across the web via email, she discovers a hidden movie within the original film. This brings to mind Rachel (Watts) discovering hidden images in that first film, as she adjusts the tracking in The Ring.

Teegarden’s character also enlists the help of Vincent D’Onofrio, who seems to know a little too much about Samara’s history. Could he be her father?

Even the trailer for Rings tells a chilling tale in rehashing a story we had all assumed had been brought to its conclusion and, as Samara is resurrected and unleashed on a new generation, the seven days left to the victims of the ring is no longer a subtle reminder, but a tense, ever-present threat of what is to come. To judge by this first trailer, Rings takes a classic horror story and makes it relevant and scary again.

Rings Star Aimee Teegarden Says She’s Never Recognized In Public

While Rings may bring Aimee Teegarden more visibility, she tells Fox News that, even after a long list of films and television shows that includes five years on Friday Night Lights, she’s rarely recognized in public. If she sticks around long enough, Teegarden says she’s ultimately recognized, but only if someone takes the time to look past the changes in her facial features.

“It’s funny. It takes people a hot second [to recognize me], because when I was in ‘Friday Night Lights’ I had super blonde hair and bangs, and I was 16 when I started that show,” Aimee explained. “It takes people like a second and they say ‘You were on ‘Friday Night Lights? Who did you play?'”

For the record, Teegarden played the coach’s daughter, Julie Taylor.

Aimee started acting young and had ambitions of acting at even younger ages, a desire prompted by the hours she spent watching Lucille Ball on television. While she started producing that dream at an early age, Teegarden is thankful she never fell into the pitfalls that claim so many other child actors. The Rings actress credits her upbringing and thanks her parents for helping to guide her around the dangers Hollywood can present to naive children.

“Hollywood wasn’t a huge deal in my life,” Aimee Teegarden explained. “It was something that I did and something that I loved but I was still going to school and girl scouts and baseball.”

Rings, starring Laura Wiggins, Aimee Teegarden, and Johnny Galecki, opens in theaters on October 28.

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