‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Has Ava Jerome Gone Too Far This Time? The Pill Switch Could Put Morgan And Kiki In Danger

Ava Jerome is on a mission on ABC’s General Hospital. She is out to make sure her daughter, Kiki, breaks up with Morgan Corinthos, and she will do pretty much anything to make that happen. Viewers have seen just how far she will go this week, and most are quite appalled by what they have witnessed. What has soap fans in such an uproar over this storyline?

The youngest Corinthos boy suffers from bipolar disorder, and he has come a long way in getting the help he needs to get his life back on track. He was in a mental health facility to help him get better. Now that he is out and back together with Kiki Jerome, he is happier and more stable than he has ever been. However, as Soaps In Depth has noted, Ava is messing with his medications that Morgan has worked so hard to get in order, and fans of General Hospital are not happy about this.

This bipolar storyline has been done well so far. Morgan is following in Sonny’s footsteps as they have the same disorder, and Sonny has been helping his son through it by giving him his full support and his own personal advice. While Morgan used to be destructive and fly off the handle very quickly, he is now able to think before he reacts to different situations. But now, that may all be about to change because Ava will do anything to keep her daughter away from Morgan.

As seen on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Ava went up into Morgan’s room when she was supposed to be visiting with Avery. She went in to replace his bipolar medications with some other type of pills. It could be another medication that would react badly with his bipolar meds or she could have replaced them with placebo tablets. Whatever they were, this is not going to turn out well at all as Morgan was seen taking one of them.

This has not set well with some General Hospital viewers, and the outcry on social media over someone messing with another person’s medications is loud and clear. They are not happy the writers have chosen to go this route. It is a sensitive topic for many people, and the fact that Ava Jerome would do something so evil has some fans not wanting to watch any of it.

It seemed Ava was starting to shape up after spending so many years in the mob. She has been rebuilding her relationship with Kiki and even making a friend or two in Port Charles. However, with her efforts to put her daughter’s welfare first, she may actually be putting her eldest in harm’s way.

If Morgan is not taking his medications properly, he could very well become destructive again, which means that he could inadvertently harm Kiki, himself, or someone else. What were the writers at General Hospital thinking when they wrote this story line? The thing is that this is a soap opera, and these scenarios happen quite often, especially with someone like Ava who takes matters into her own hands most of the time and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. However, the issue of mental illness hits home for many people, and they may not be able to watch Morgan’s downward spiral thanks to Ava Jerome. Many viewers think that this is going way too far.

Of course, there is always the flip side of this storyline, and some General Hospital fans are saying that this is classic Ava. As is often the case with soaps, the fans actually enjoy seeing her evil side as it adds intensity to the drama. Ava had proven lately that she had gone a bit soft, such as when she refused to help Julian escape from prison. Even though the spoilers from Soap Central indicate that she worries about her brother’s future, Ava was putting her baby daughter first when she made that decision not to help him so she can eventually get Avery back.

In Ava’s mind, she is trying to prove to Kiki that Morgan is not good for her, even if it means the destruction of someone that she used to care so much about. If Morgan does react badly to not having his appropriate medication, this could very well put Kiki in danger. In addition, Sonny will react very badly if he gets wind that Ava is messing with his son’s mental health. She may never see baby Avery again, not to mention her own life may be in danger as well.

What are your thoughts on this General Hospital storyline involving Ava messing with Morgan’s meds?

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