‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Spoilers: Who Will Die In The Finale?

As the season (and possibly series) finale draws closer, Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers are abounding all over the Internet. Also, the latest bit of news suggests that this is the end for at least one of the characters — but who will die in the finale?

Hollywood Take thinks they have the answer: according to their just-released Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers, it’s Toby who’s going to meet an ignoble end when the finale premieres next week. The finale episode, which will be entitled “The Darkest Night,” will not only reveal which cast member isn’t coming back (unless, of course, we’re talking about in flashback form — this is Pretty Little Liars, after all), but will reveal which of the Liars is pregnant. Surely, Spoby fans will be disappointed that one-half of this beloved couple will perish, but it just may turn out to be that the other half of the couple is pregnant — so Toby will “live on” in his child, after all. For Spoby fans who are worried that Marco will ask Spencer out on a date, never fear: she’s going to say no, so she’ll remain loyal to Toby even when (or if) he dies. And people say romance is dead.

Other Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers have been released by TV Guide, who promise that the season finale will reveal Aria & Jason DiLaurentis’ big secrets! However, what are those “secrets,” really? We get a hint when we see the five-year time jump, with Aria (Lucy Hale) and Jason (Drew Van Acker) talking about “what happened between us.” TV Guide also sat down with Hale to talk about this cryptic message, and she suggested that “what happened” was a torrid, and ultimately unsuccessful, affair. The affair happened before Jason went off to Ethiopia, but didn’t continue because, at the end of it all, Aria was still secretly in love with Ezra. She also knew that if she took Jason up on his rather generous offer to join him in Ethiopia, she’d never have a chance to make things right with Ezra. Finally, she took the job at the publishing company, not to get in on the ground floor in the industry, but because she wanted to eventually reconnect with Ezra — and it looks like her little plan worked! But that doesn’t mean that Aria and Jason are a forever-done deal. Could Aria and Jason hook up again in the season finale?

Finally, Gossip Cop is reporting that all of the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers that we’ll need to know can be found in last night’s episode, entitled — hilariously — “The Wrath of Kahn.” Here are the most important things fans need to know when talking about the season finale:

  • Noel is dangerous. There’s no question, no speculation, no possible spoilers: the guy’s a basket case. Why Hanna chose to ignore this until she bonked him over the head at the end of the episode, we’ll never know. However, when Hanna said “it’s over, b***h,” was she referring to him, or was she referring to herself?
  • No matter how much Aria loves Jason — and vice versa — they both know that she and Ezra were always meant to be. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope for the two of them to get together in the future, but for right now, Aria pining over Ezra now that he’s in Colombia is only leading to heartbreak for the fan-favorite Liar.
  • Jason got his hands on the adoption file, but the only information that was made available was the name of the presiding judge, who happened to be — surprise! — Noah’s dad. Is he the one who adopted Mary’s baby?

What do you think of this latest round of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers? We’ll keep you apprised of all the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers as they become known to us.

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