WWE Rumors And Spoilers: Brock Lesnar Attack On Orton Planned By WWE?

Brock Lesnar has been at the center of many WWE rumors since the so-called “Battle of Brooklyn” at WWE SummerSlam that left Randy Orton bloodied and out of commission. While there have been plenty of rumors surrounding this awful fight — and many wrestlers upset about their friend being injured — there are also some rumors coming out of the WWE that suggest that the attack on Orton was planned!

These latest WWE rumors are coming courtesy of WrestleZone, who believe that last night’s SmackDown has laid the groundwork for what will amount to be yet another battle royale courtesy of the former MMA fighter. According to the site, legacy wrestler Shane McMahon — son of WWE CEO Vince McMahon — believed that Brock Lesnar’s “punishment” for injuring Orton was one that neither he nor Stephanie McMahon — Shane’s sister, who laid down the proverbial law to Lesnar — was taking seriously. Shane upped the ante — taking, of course, after his father — when he made the following statement that many wrestling fans believe is McMahon throwing down the gauntlet.

“You want a soundbyte? This thing between me and Lesnar, it’s far from over.”

Of course, Shane is also a friend of Randy Orton’s, so this could all very well be a battle between two friends that may not end up in the ring. As wrestling fans are undoubtedly aware, Stephanie McMahon only “punished” Brock Lesnar by fining him $500.

The same site — WrestleZone — also confirmed additional WWE rumors about Paul Heyman (and the WWE) actually condoning the actions of Lesnar. Heyman took to social media to release a statement about “his client’s” actions against Orton, and what he said sounded suspiciously like something out of a novel. His statement also suggests that the WWE knew exactly what they were doing when Lesnar unleashed his “brutal assault” on Orton, and the organization’s subsequent lack of serious action against Lesnar (really, though — only a $500 fine?) only seems to confirm that the company was out for blood… literally.

“As his advocate (Paul Heyman), I can only advise the WWE Universe that my client Brock Lesnar was fully prepared to inflict the damage to Randy Orton that everyone witnessed last night at WWE SummerSlam…”

Naturally, that comment drew a lot of fire from wrestling fans of all types, who seem to believe that Lesnar is, in fact, some type of monster. (And this writer humbly submits that, whether by design or by drugs, these fans aren’t wrong.) One commenter, Ronald McSmith, summed up what everyone was feeling quite succinctly and intelligently:

“He hasn’t seen nothing yet. He shold be very careful. Whatever comes around, goes around. An expert in martial arts such as Muay Thai or Wing Chun will beat the living crap out of your client. Lost so much respect for Lesnar. Especially after reading your comments Heyman!! Lesnar should be very careful about his big fat mouth as should you!!!”

Wrestling fans aren’t the only ones upset with Lesnar’s actions — according to the WWE rumors put out by DeadSpin, even the wrestlers are upset with Lesnar. Chris Jericho, according to the WWE rumors on the site, was reportedly so upset with Lesnar after the fight that left Orton needing 10 stitches, that he instigated a shoving match between himself and Lesnar. After a few minutes of an actual physical altercation, Lesnar told Jericho to either “punch me or kiss me.” (This, as a stand-alone quote, is actually quite funny — but in its context, is anything but.) Jericho knew — as did the rest of the wrestlers — that Lesnar was supposed to win the fight by knocking out Orton, not by making him bleed out in the ring. Like Jericho, many WWE superstars are unwilling to go up against Lesnar because he takes the fights too far.

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