Gwen Stefani Allegedly ‘Distancing Children From Gavin Rossdale’: Blake Shelton To Overtake Father Role Ahead Of Wedding?

Gwen Stefani is giving the impression that she wants her children to distance themselves from their father Gavin Rossdale ahead of her wedding with Blake Shelton, Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges.

The outlet, which makes several bold allegations, quotes Life & Style, stressing that Gwen is planning the perfect Christmas wedding with the love of her life, who she has only been seeing for ten months. Stefani knows Blake is the only man she sees herself spending the rest of her life with, and having seen how well he’s bonded with her kids, Shelton is perfect in the singer’s eyes.

“Apollo wants to be the ring bearer, and the two older boys will be junior groomsmen with Blake,” the outlet explains. “Blake wants it to be really special, to show them coming together as a family. They’re planning a December wedding at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma because Gwen and the boys love it there and it will give them a lot of privacy.”

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Gwen Stefani is strongly hinting at the idea of wanting to have the perfect family without Gavin in her life, even if that means the rock star isn’t seeing his children anymore. The outlet claims that Gwen already has Rossdale on a tight child visitation plan, one that rarely allows the British-born star to see his boys.

The insider is convinced that Gwen will push Gavin out of the picture and replace him with Blake – someone who is caring, loving, extremely intelligent, and an overall good person. The same cannot be said for Gavin, who infamously cheated on Stefani with multiple people, causing the sudden downfall of the couple’s marriage, leading to Gwen filing for divorce.

“He barely gets to see his three sons anymore,” CDL claims. “But to see his three boys participate in a Christmas wedding so Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani can ‘finally come together as a family,’ that would be a big blow for the single dad, and especially if it takes place on the biggest holiday of the year.”

The celebrity gossip website is under the impression that Gavin Rossdale will be pushed out of his children’s life once Gwen Stefani ties the knot — not because the children don’t like their father but out of the “Misery” singer’s personal reasons.

Could it be that the 46-year-old is still struggling to come to terms with her divorce? After all, she was married to Rossdale for 14 years and they have known each other close to 20. The outlet concludes that the Christmas wedding could potentially be the perfect revenge plan for Gwen, who will use her ceremony as an excuse to why her children will not be able to spend the holidays with Rossdale.

It’ll shatter Gavin to pieces, a source adds, but this will more or less be Gwen’s way of letting Rossdale feel the pain she felt when learning that her husband had stepped out of their marriage on multiple occasions.

It’s a form of revenge that many people seem to think will make Gwen Stefani look bitter and vicious, but what do you make of the singer’s potential and alleged plans to cut the father of her children out of their lives now that she’s happily in love with Blake?

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