‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Soon To Feature Crown Crates Offering Random Items, Redesigned Craglorn With One Tamriel Update

With Gamescom currently underway, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online are announcing their plans for the game coming later this year. Players can expect new holiday events and dueling after the upcoming update in addition to other major features. As the last update to The Elder Scrolls Online this year, update 12 will introduce One Tamriel, a revamped Craglorn zone, Crown Crates, and much more before the year is over.

Of course, the bulk of update 12 will focus on One Tamriel; the feature that will battle-level the entire game to the player. After leaving the tutorial area, players of all factions, races, and levels can group up and experience content all across Tamriel without restriction. All the while they will be rewarded with items and gear appropriate for them throughout their adventures.

Travel anywhere with anyone and be rewarded for your level after the update [Image via Bethesda]
Zones are no longer based on level or cut off to players of a different faction. According to the official website, One Tamriel and its other features will be available on the public test server next week. The feature is planned to launch on the live servers in October.

“Finding or forming a group will be easier than ever since we’re also lifting the alliance restrictions in open world zones. (Of course, PvP areas will still be alliance-based.) This means you’ll be able to group with anyone, from any alliance, at any time. High-level players will even be able to group with friends who are new to ESO; anyone below Champion 160 will scale so everyone can adventure together.”

Alongside the new battle-leveled world, players of The Elder Scrolls Online will find that Craglorn is also different after update 12. The adventure zone was originally intended to be tackled by a group of players. After the update, Craglorn can be explored by a solo player, even giving one the chance to complete the story quests in the zone. Moreover, any group content in Craglorn will then be accessible by a small group consisting of just two players.

Other Crown Store items include Assistants [Image via Bethesda]
After the One Tamriel release in October, players can expect another new change in November. Crown Crates are coming soon to The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store. At 400 Crowns per Crown Crate, players can pick up these grab-bags of goodies for a chance at new and retired items. Crown Store items that were previously available in the Crown Store are said to be potential contents alongside “new, extremely rare items” as well.

Free-to-play MMO players will recognize the new Crown Crates as a type of lockbox albeit without a key and instead being an outright purchase. Crown Crates will even rotate their contents with themed Crown Crates being available at certain times. Players that open a Crown Crate and receive a duplicate item will obtain Crown Gems instead which can be used to buy different items from the Crown Store.

According to The Elder Scrolls Online community manager, Crown Gems can be spent in a different section of the Crown Store. As stated on the official forums, the items purchased with Crown Gems are located in a completely separate section within the game’s Crown Store with, again, a rotating stock of items available.

Both new and veteran players will have the chance to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition this fall, too. As the Inquisitr reported, the new bundle includes the base game, the first four major DLCs, a mount, and 500 Crowns for players picking up a retail copy of the edition. Players that already own the base game can pick up Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood from a Crown Store bundle called “Guilds and Glory.” This bundle offers the four major DLCs for a discounted price of 5,500 Crowns. Both of these options for players of The Elder Scrolls Online will be available in September.

[Image via Bethesda]

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