NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Interested In A Trade For Chris Bosh

It is possible that the Chicago Bulls could put together an elite roster with one more major move. Could the move that the Bulls would make end up being a trade for Chris Bosh? An interesting scenario has come up with the Bulls being one of the principle figures possibly involved.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the Miami Heat is reportedly interested in life after Chris Bosh. There was a story that came out over the weekend regarding the Heat’s desire to move on from the future Hall of Fame forward. The Heat have until August 31st to decide on using the stretch provision.

How it would work is that the remaining $75.8 million on Bosh’s contract would get stretched out over a span of seven years. That would leave him free to sign with the Bulls or any other team that would be willing to take a flyer on him. The other possible option is a trade, which is less likely.

Fears of Bosh’s health risks are a major concern. Bosh was sidelined at the NBA All-Star break until the end of the season for two years straight. In 2015, blood clots were found in Chris Bosh’s lungs. That was followed by the report of Bosh using blood thinners to treat a similar ailment.

The Heat’s decision to shut Bosh down for the entirety of the NBA playoffs this season drew the attention of the league union office. Bosh felt he was healthy enough to play, while the Heat ignored the fact that they were involved in a contested playoff series and ruled him out. It is a great chance the Heat believe Chris Bosh’s better days are behind him, and some sports pundits wonder if he can play at all.

Chris Bosh has been ruled out after the NBA All-Star break by the Miami Heat for two consecutive years. Bosh is now the subject to trade rumors, with the Chicago Bulls as a possible destination. [Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]
That has not stopped the interest of other teams that would be willing to absorb Bosh’s salary while assuming the health risk.

According to the Gospel Herald, the Chicago Bulls are one of the teams linked to the Miami Heat star.

If it is true that the Heat want to cut their losses by dealing Chris Bosh, the Bulls could be one of the teams putting together a trade proposal.

Trading for Chris Bosh is a risky move for the Bulls. It would be risky for any team, actually.

Performance is not the question for Bosh. Before he was shut down the Heat forward was averaging 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds. Last season, Bosh moved around the court with a similar bounce in his step he had while playing in his prime.

On a good day, Chris Bosh is a guaranteed double-double.

The Bulls have few options on their roster with those capabilities that play at the low-post position. When healthy, Bosh can lead a team. But the problem is his health. At any time, he can be forced to retire because of the blood clots. With this as a risk, a team like the Bulls cannot afford to give up too much in a trade. A trade involving Taj Gibson and draft picks would be a sensible offer.

Gibson plays the same position as Bosh, and he could be a solid fit for a Heat team looking to rebuild. Right now, it is unclear if Gibson fits in the Bulls’ future plans, but he deserves a new beginning where he can start. Miami could be that place. In Bosh’s case, he gets to play and prove that he is healthy once and for all.

Chris Bosh is more likely to remain with the Miami Heat instead of being traded. [Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]
Ironically, the Bulls had targeted Bosh, along with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, in the 2010 free agency bonanza. That said, the Bulls must put a pause on a Bosh and Wade reunion. The risk is too high for the Bulls to invest parts of their future for a couple of seasons of Chris Bosh. There is no proof that he can stay healthy. Plus, there is an issue with the Bulls’ cap room.

It is unlikely that the Bulls can fully absorb Bosh’s salary without adding a sizable contract to their trade offer. The Heat will not simply give Bosh away to the Bulls. They would be better off keeping him.

Patience could pay off for the Bulls if they are willing to wait things out.

At the rate Miami is going, reaching the playoffs as any higher than a seventh seed is a stretch. Therefore, they could take their chances with the NBA draft lottery. With their rebuilding project, it is a possibility that Bosh could wind up being bought out during the season. If that does happen, he could land with the Bulls.

In this scenario, Wade could be the key to the Bulls adding Bosh. They are great friends and former teammates. Wade would want to have his buddy on the Bulls playing for Eastern Conference contention.

That is something to keep an eye out for later on down the line. It will be interesting to see what will happen with the Chicago Bulls, Chris Bosh, and the Miami Heat.

[Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]

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